Swatchity-Swatch: Sally Hansen X-Treme Wear Pacific Blue

Hello gentle readers.

Ho's your Thursday going? Well, I hope. Today I have yet another blue polish for you. This is Sally Hansen X-Treme Wear in Pacific Blue. This is one beautiful little pain in the ass of a polish. Beautiful because it is that rich, cool, cerulean blue that just makes my little heart go pitter-pat. My photographs show it a little lighter than it is in person. I tried to boost the saturation but this stuff just doesn't play fair with my camera. It is a pain in the ass because it separates like crazy. I had to shake the shit out of this polish, turn it upside down for a day or two, shake the shit out of it, again then let it settle overnight, shake it again, let it settle for a while, then apply it.

Whew! I am tired just thinking about it. lol Part of the problem may be that I purchased this polish a long time ago and it has sat, untouched for all that time. *shrug* Whatever the reason, it gave me a workout. I will say, tho... It seems to have been worth it. I mean, just look at it. This is a crelly, I needed three coats to get an opaque and smooth finish on my nails. My smoother nails were good in two but my demon ridges made a third coat of this necessary. If you don't have ridges like I do, you can probably just do two. This is, if I remember correctly sans top coat. Yep. This stuff is stupid shiny. Kinda squishy, too. I dig it.

Photographs taken in my lightbox, under my OttLight.

 Carrot fingers courtesy of my basic photo editing software. I tried to boost the saturation to get this polish to show more colour true and ended up with only a slight improvement and some mighty fonky looking digits. 

The colour is a little closer to true in this shot. A little. 

Pacific Blue has a very nice formula. Smooth and easy and a pleasure to paint on. I had a some trouble controlling it only because it has a very long brush wand and I am accustomed to shorter ones. Other than that, it;s very nice. This polish applies a bit streaky on the first coat but then it gets nice and opaque and levels out and is just loverly in two to three coats, depending on what your own nails need. As I said earlier, I needed three. This polish doesn't run or pool or drag or bubble. It dries in decent time. It was already set to the gentle touch by the time I oiled my cuticles and fired off my photographs. When I wear this, I will definitely use top coat.

I think that Pacific Blue is still part of the Sally Hansen X-Treme Wear core line. Please feel free to correct me if I am wrong.

Thank you so much for popping in. Have a great day and may your polish never bubble.


  1. I love love love this color! I haven't had any separating problems with it, but man, my bottle of SH Blue Me Away separated like crazy!

  2. I used to give away bottles of polish I no longer wanted but now I'm getting the mixing balls out so I can put them in a different bottle.  Low and behold it seems it's only Sally Hansen polishes that need an extra mixing ball or one to start with (SH Insta Dri you know who you are).  Anyhoo I dropped an extra ball in this same polish you're writing about.  I love the brushes on these XW bottles, though.  Your photos are beautiful!  I think I know what color to wear next..

  3. Funny how that happens, isn't it? I imagine that if I hadn't left it sitting around as long as I did it wouldn't have been as bad. lol

  4. I like lots of ballz in my polishes. I need to pick up some plain stainless steel ones. I have the zinc coated and polish reacts to them. Wrecked a few... Blech! 

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  6. Why all the shaking???? I don't understand? THis is why I don't do drugstore brands-too much PITA!!! It is really pretty blue though!

  7. Why all the shaking???? I don't understand? THis is why I don't do drugstore brands-too much PITA!!! It is really pretty blue though! I am having BIG time probs leaving comments on your disqus-takes three times-sometimes it still wont go thru-FYI

  8. This color reminds me of Willy Wonka. I just picked it up a few days ago & have yet to try it. Looks great on you! (Agree that it appears to be slightly darker in person).

  9. This is a beautiful blue. I love it and it is going to be fab on you. :) 


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