Swatchity-Swatch: Sinful Colors Fly Away

Hello Gentle readers.

Today's swatch is a lovely little charmer by Sinful Colors. Please give a warm welcome to Fly Away. This is a rich, bright cerulean blue crelly. Shiny and a little squishy. This swatch is three coats. It is shiny and beautiful without top coat.

These photographs were taken in sunshine.

 Geeze! Look at that big-assed ridge poking up out on the polish on my pinkie. Blech!

The formula of this polish is pretty damned nice. It isn't terribly opaque. I needed a full three coats for complete coverage. The first coat was very thin and streaky. The second was a little better, the third made it all smooth and opaque. Sinful Colors Fly Away applied very easily. It was a dream to control and paint on my nails. There was no dragging, pooling, running or bubbling. The brush was a tad stiff, it almost felt plastic-y. But it wasn't a nightmare. Just a different feeling than most polish brushes. Dry time for this polish is pretty much average.

Do you own this pretty blue polish? It is, I believe still available at drugstores that carry Sinful Colors. I think. I haven't been perusing the Sinful displays, much lately because they just aren't releasing any new colours. Or, when they do release the rare few new ones, they sure as hell don't make it to my neck of the woods! I missed out on Adventure Island (booo!!! ) and the couple of new Winter shades. I like Sinful Colors. It is surprisingly lovely polish at a bargain basement price. But I am more than ready to see new colours.

Thank you for popping in. Have a great day and may your polish never bubble.