Ugly New Year Nails

Happy New Year, gentle readers!

Who's hung over? Not I. :D We did our usual wild and crazy NYE festivities. Dinner, soda, popcorn, TV, various ball/shoe/whateverthehelltheyaredropping celebrations on the tube. Early-ish to bed, snoring while everyone else is still out getting soused and stumbling home and puking on their front porch.

Yepper. We are a couple of raving party animals, fo shizz.

I did New Year's Eve nails. I used China Glaze Champagne Bubbles and some pretty AB crystals on my ring finger nails. Yuk. Blech. Ew. Your Queen isn't happy. I knew that I should have listened to my instincts and not bought Champagne Bubbles. I passed it by when I bought all of my other Let It Snow polishes. I didn't like it in the bottle, I didn't like it in swatch photographs. I just didn't like it, Sam I Am. But it was on clearance, recently and I am a raging polish ho.

Reformed. This polish got worn, once. Never to grace my tips, again. I applied two coats of this green around the gills, brushstroke-y, too metallic in an unpleasant way gold goo filled with scattered tiny square silver glitter, added my crystals, topped them with too much top coat, thus making them look all dull and goopy. But I am going to keep this mani on for a couple of days because my nails are going to get a little abuse in the next couple of days and this nasty, thick, ugly paint job will protect them.

From what, you might ask. I'll show you in a bit. Let's get this whole nasty polish business done, first, shall we? These photographs were shot in sun and in the shade of my garage. It was another perfect polish photographing day. Mid sixties, sunny, gentle breeze. Freaky assed weather, my friends. Freaky assed weather and I am not complaining. :D





Do. Not. Like. China Glaze Champagne Bubbles is a good formula, for what it is. It flows nicely off the brush and sits very nicely down where it is placed. It is a little thin and uneven on the first coat but the second makes it all nice and opaque and smooth. Dry time is extremely respectable. The finish is glowey, not shiny-shiny. The little silver glittery bits do kind of remind me of champagne bubbles. 

All that said, I still don't like it. It's just not something that appeals to me. But I gave it a chance. I'll most likely re home it, at some point. I want to clean it off, but as I said earlier, I am keeping it on for protective reasons. Because, my widdle fingers will be busy assembling:


Husband person bought my polishes a little New Year's pressie. Melmers are 40% off at Michael's, right now. So, two of these babies came home with me, today. I almost bought three... But I decided to wait and see if I really need a third. Hubbie is amenable to acquiring a third for me, if need be. :D

I took a quick look at the instructions and these shouldn't be too bad to assemble. The directions say that it takes about fifteen minutes. Ha!!! They obviously know absolutely nothing about the two of us. lolol Neither one of us are terribly mechanically inclined. I am figuring the first one to take a good hour, the second one a little less time.

I can't wait to get these babies put together and my polishes all sorted and organized and tucked happily in their very own labeled little drawers. Oh! I also went to Big Lots and picked up some rolls of that rubbery drawer liner stuff to line the drawers so that my babies will not slide around all over the place, fall down and break.

It is going to be soooooooooo nice to have all of my polishes organized. Having them all piled haphazardly in those hatboxes has been driving me absolutely insane. Do you know how frakking hard it is to find a particular polish in all that chaos? It was nearly impossible. And I just know that one day, regardless of how careful I am when moving those damned things around, the bottom is going to drop out of one of those boxes and all of the polishes contained within are going to hit the floor in a crashing heap of glass and viscous goo that would be impossible to clean up. Not to mention the carnage of all of those little bottles shattering all over the place. Definitely time for better storage.

Okay. This is a novel. You could read War and Peace in the time it will take to read this post so I will wrap it up. Thank you for popping in, have a great day and may your polish never bubble.

Anyone in need of a little hair of the dog? My Aussie is blowing her coat, right now. Plenty of hair to go around. *evil grin*


  1. You are a very engaging funny!!!  Happy New Year!

  2. Happy New Year hon!!  I actually think that polish looks great on you, but that's just me ;0).  Congrats on the melmer!  Great gift!

  3. I kind of like that polish myself. O course I am no expert bu I think it looks pretty good. I guess our tastes vary a bit. Have a Happy New Year, Erika.

  4. How exciting to get the organizers!! 

  5. I'm actually a fan of Champagne Bubbles. I featured it in my NYE post  on someone with yellow undertones to their skin and it looked fab. Also, my bottle had no application issues - no streaks, even glitter distribution, etc.

  6. I passed on Champagne Bubbles, I actually don't hate it but it's just kinda meh for me. Besides, it's a yellow gold so it would definitely make me look sickly. I usually try to find the positive in all manis, but... I must agree with you,, it's not your best look. Lol!

  7. I agree. It isn't my best look. I have seen this polish look fabulous on other blogger's tips. It is nice quality polish. It just isn't "me". I'll probably find it a new home where it can be loved and appreciated. :)

  8. I have no complaint about the formula of this polish. I am just all up in arms over the appearance on me. There is something about it that sets my teeth on edge. lol It isn't the polish's fault. It is just me. :D

  9. I am excited. :D 

  10. Thank you. :)

    I think that I am going to enjoy my Melmers. They will do until I can afford my IKEA trip. :D 

  11. Thank you. You are too kind. Thank you for reading. :D

    Happy New Year to you, too! :D

  12. Happy New Year to you, too! Thanks for popping in. 

  13. Those Melmers are going to be so handy!!  What a lovely gift! :D  I hope that it isn't too much trouble assembling them.  ^-^

  14. The first one was a bit of a pain, the second was a breeze. I have a problem, tho. I need a third one. lol

  15. Different people like different things. That is what makes the world interesting and fun. :D

    Happy New Year to you too, sweetie. <3

  16. You freakin crack me up!!! I am laughing so hard right now! Sam I am!!! Holy Crap I am almost peeing my pants!! Knew there was a reason I liked you! You also write novels like I do-there are few that actually read the fine print!  I store mine on bookcases-I want to see my pretty colors-not lock them away in a scary drawer!  Carry on

  17. You are too kind. :)

    I would like to see my pretty colours, too but I don't have enough shelf space in my entire house for them. They are much safer and better off safely tucked away. 

    I do have my OPI DS polishes on display. They live on a carousel on top of my jewelry armoir guarded by my Angry Bird stuffie that my husband bought for me for Christmas. :D

  18. Ahh I did the same thing, I held off until it was on super clearance, then finally caved! I don't like the color but I liked the sparse distribution of the glitter and the name.

  19. I did like the scattered glitter "bubbles". The polish it's self wasn't my thing. :) 


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