Adding a Little Something to the Pile

Hello gentle readers.

I just took a look at my followers gadget and I am now over 975. Whoop! Whoop!! To celebrate and to say thank you! to all of my new and established readers, I am adding a little something-something to my current giveaway prize. First of all, of course is polish. I tossed in a handful of polishes. I am going to let the exact colours and brands be a surprise to the winner but I will give all of you a couple of hints... Foil. Glitter in creme. Neon. Glitter... That's all I'm saying.

The second part of the something-something is a piece of nail polish jewelry that was sent to me, last year for review. (Sadly, it seems that the seller is no longer in business so I am not going to provide a link.) The necklace is a round cabochon glitter polish gem on a hand strung silver (or silver plate) bead necklace. My screwy body chemistry doesn't allow me to wear silver so this pretty necklace has been languishing in a drawer. I decided to take it out and pass it along to someone who can wear it and will enjoy it. I know that a lot of my gentle readers are silver girls so I thought that this was a great way to re home this pretty piece.

The necklace. The beaded chain is plenty long enough to comfortably and gracefully accommodate a wide range of neck sizes. The cabochon is approximately one inch in diameter. 

Close up on the pendant. Isn't it pretty? :D

This necklace is essentially new. I only had it on for a few minutes then was forced to remove it. I have carefully cleaned it with 91% alcohol and a cotton pad.

I hope that the winner of my giveaway will enjoy these additions to the pile. :D

If you haven't entered, yet please clickity-click this link or the picture in the giveaway widget at the top of my column to travel to my giveaway post and enter to win.

Thank you for popping in. Have a great day and may your polish never bubble.