Colour Series ~ Neon: Color Club Ultra Violet and Wink-Wink Twinkle

Hello gentle readers.

How'z about some hot violet neon goodness?

Color Club Ultra Violet. Smooth, silky violet neon jelly. Three coats. So squishy, so translucent, so bright and beautiful. This is Spring, Summer and everything fun in a tiny glass bottle. 

Color Club Wink-Wink Twinkle. Two coats of hidden glitter glamour in a hot, neon violet base. This is strange and beautiful and oh-so-bright. Can you dig it?

Ultra Violet is a smooth, silky jelly that just glided on in three coats to opaque perfection. This one does dry a bit matte and needs top coat to get to the shiny beauty that it is. Dry time is, like it's sister polishes, very good. 

Wink-Wink Twinkle was another one that needed to be thinned, as the formula was a bit too thick and gloppy for my personal taste. After thinning, it applied smoothly and was opaque in two easy-breezy coats. This polish dries quickly and pretty gritty. The more top coat you feel like using, the better. 

Ultra Violet and Wink-Wink Twinkle are both available where you can find Color Club, including varied e-tailers, Amazon and, I imagine E-Bay. They also pop up at Ross from time to time along with the rest of the beautiful colours in their collections. They are worth getting, if you ask me. 

Thank you so much for popping in. Have a terrific day and may your polish never bubble.