Colour Series ~ Neon: Got the Blues for Neon

Good day, gentle readers. How's things? We have a dusting of snow on the ground and it is 25 degrees. Brrr!

Today's post features three beautiful blue neon polishes.

Color Club Chelsea Girl. I applied three coats of this perfect, silky cerulean blue neon jelly love to get a flawless, opaque finish. This polish behaves like a dream and dries in good time. It is matte, like most neons so have your top coat ready to roll to get this beautiful, shiny, squishy finish. 

China Glaze Blue Sparrow Neon. Ahhh... This. Polish. Is. Beautiful. Gentle readers, if you love neon... if you love blue... if you love glitter... if you love a huge, overflowing pot of awesomesauce all over your nails, you would love China Glaze Blue Sparrow Neon. This beautiful, glowing cerulean blue jelly is packed with tiny silvery and blue glitter. The glitter doesn't sit on top and sparkle like a disco ball. It is under the surface. It lurks and peeks and shines and makes you look twice. Three times. It lures you in and makes you fall utterly in love with it and it never lets you go. This is four coats and two coats of top coat.

Color Club Other Worldly. Hello Gorgeous! This bright beauty is part of Color Club's Summer 2011 Starry Temptress Collection. Another cerulean blue (noticing a trend, here?) packed with small square holographic glitter. This is no dupe for Blue Sparrow. This is a creature altogether different from any other. The glitter isn't on top of this polish, it is inside, hiding, then when the light hits it, it fires and socks you in the eye with holo-licious shine and rainbow sparks. Yeah. This is two coats plus top coat.

Application for these polishes does vary a bit. Chelsea Girl is smooth and silky and, like most good jellies, glides on like a dream. This polish has a very decent dry time and in spite of needing three coats, is ready to go in pretty short order. This polish won't keep you sitting around blowing on your tips all day.

 Blue Sparrow is a little bit sheer and a bit temperamental. This polish likes to be applied quickly and smoothly. While it dries fast and gritty, it wants a couple of minutes between coats and subsequent coats need to go on with a very light hand; just float the brush through the surface of the polish or it will catch and drag bald patches. This polish dries fast and gritty and needs at least two coats of top coat to be fully smooth. Yes, it is a pain but it is worth it. Trust me! :D

Other Worldly needed some thinning before I did this swatch. The polishes in this collection are really thick and mine benefited from some thinner, a good shake, shake, shake and a little period of rest. This polish then went right on and was perfect in two coats. This beauty dries pretty quickly and needs a couple of coats of top coat to make it perfectly smooth.

All three of these polishes are not hard to find. Chelsea Girl and Other Worldly can be found at various e-tailers, random beauty supply stores that carry Color Club and they pop up in their respective collections at Ross, from time to time. Blue Sparrow is part of China Glaze's core collection and is easy to find anywhere that carries China Glaze. You can also find it on various e-tailer sites and on Amazon and I imagine E-Bay.

Okay. This was long. Shocking, I know. *snort* Do you own any of these beautiful polishes? Think that you might like to? Please share.

Say, have you entered my 900+ follower Giveaway yet? It is open to followers (new followers are welcome!) in the U.S. I know... No fair. Trust me, I feel the same way but shipping regulations make legally shipping polishes out of the U.S. difficult, if not danged near impossible for the average person. Grrr!

Thank you so much for popping in. Have a wonderful day and may your polish never bubble.


  1. I love this color!  I hope the Ross near me gets that Starry Temptress collection at some point, I've been checking there regularly since last summer.  I always wondered which shade of blue was cerulean so thanks for saying. 

  2. Mmm Idk which of these I love more! I don't own any of them but all three are GORGEOUS!! ^.^

  3. I love it, too. Cerulean is one of my fave blues. :D Keep checking Ross, you never know when it is going to pop up. My Ross had a pile of All About Colour collections, last time I haunted, so I think that the cycle of collections should begin, soon. I am hoping for the new Spring Bloom collection to hit, soon. I want that one! 

  4. I can't choose. I love all of them. lol You should just get all three, then you don't have to stress and agonize. *evil grin*

  5. All of these are beautiful, for sure. I think that you would enjoy any of them. 

    Or all of them... *evil grin*

  6. I love blues, too. Can't resist them. lol

  7. I love all three! I have Blue Sparrow and am dying to get some glitter neons from Color Club too. 

  8. I have Blue Sparrow, but haven't used it yet--how much of a tendency to stain does it have?

  9. This is really lovely! What a beautiful layered combination.

  10. Honestly, I don't know. I have, as yet only swatched it. It's sister polish., Flying Dragon didn't stain my nails. If you are concerned about staining, doubling up on base coat should help to keep it at bay. 

    I have some staining on my nails, it is just part of wearing coloured polishes all of the time. :)

  11. The Starry Temptress polishes are really pretty. :D

  12. Thank you. I like these three polishes, a lot. :D

  13. I own all three of these and they are all amazing. :D I'm glad you're doing a neon series right now, since I've been in the mood for neons for the last couple weeks.


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