Colour Series ~ Neon: These Limes Shan't Be Cast Out Into the Snow

Hello gentle readers.

Today I am presenting the penultimate Colour Series ~ Neon post. Say hello to these bright, juicy, great with tequila limes.

Color Club Twiggy. Soft, neon lime green creme. This is two coats with top coat. Please to forgive the oopsie on my index finger. Stupid fibers, anyway. Gah! 

Color Club The Lime Starts Here. This is a true fluorescent highlighter lime green. This jelly is squishy and silky. I applied three coats, four to my ring and pinkie to cope with my ridges. This polish smells like lime, but the scent seems to be dissipating with time. This polish is a year old. I guess that polish scent has a shelf life. Who knew? 

Color Club Glitter Envy. Lime, bordering on emerald green. This jelly has a slight yellow undertone and a strong small square holo glitter presence that my photographs just couldn't adequately show off. This is three coats and top coat. 

Twiggy is a chalky, white based neon creme. This polish can be a bit of a prankster. Thickish coats, smoothly and swiftly applied worked best for me for this swatch. The first coat was really streaky. The second made it opaque but still a tad streaky. Top coat melted and smoothed it beautifully. This polish is more neon in person than in photographs. 

The Lime Starts Here is so jelly and translucent. Squishy and delicious it needs three coats for opacity. I applied a fourth to my ring and pinkie nails to cope with my ridges. This polish starts out sheer and streaky on the first coat. Subsequent coats gets it opaque and smooth as can be. This polish, like most neons dries matte and needs top coat for maximum shine and to bring out that lovely translucent squish. I don't recommend undies for this one. I think that an undercoat would wreck the effect of this polish. Just my opinion, of course... ;)

Glitter Envy is another jelly. Infused with holo glitter, it is the belle of this ball, for sure. I applied three coats and needed every one of them, as this polish is pretty translucent. This polish also dries matte and benefits from top coat. 

So, there you have it, some neon limes. Do you own any of these polishes? They are all pretty easy to find and make a part of your polish family, if they are looking good to you, various e-tailers, random beauty supply stores that carry Color Club, the odd Ross have them and you should be able to find them on Amazon and the Evilest Bay, as well. 

Thank you so much for popping in. Have a great day and may your polish never bubble.