For My Gentle Readers Who Are Losing GFC

You can still follow this blog, if you wish through different ways. As you can see, to the right are widgets to help those who will no longer be able to get here through Google Friend Connect still stay up to date on the haps, around here. I am on Facebook, the Twitter, Bloglovin', Pinterest (on and off) and you can follow by e-mail by inputting your e-mail address into the widget in my right hand column.

I need to figure out if I can make a separate Google+ page, just for this blog without mucking up my personal Google+ page and so forth. Anyone happen to know if that is possible? If so, that will help in connecting, I suppose.

I don't know why Google and Blogger have to be so snotty about this and tear the blogging world apart this way. What purpose does it serve, really? Except to make everything more complicated. *pfffft!*

Please don't be a stranger. <3