Revlon Apple-tini Fizz Swatch and Review and a Huge Thank You! to a Fellow Blogger

Hello gentle readers.

Today is a quick look at a polish that was part of a limited edition collection that Revlon released last Summer. The polishes in that collection were all sheer, jelly like polishes that were packed with beautiful baby flakies and were deliciously scented to match the fruit name given to the colour. As is pretty typical in my poopy-pants one hoss asshole town (I think, in truth that Prescott is considered a large town... whatever... it still sucks big green ones) drugstores and other retailers are extremely inconsistent about ordering and stocking limited edition collections. My usual haunts here in town didn't stock that collection. It wasn't until well after those polishes had pretty much gone the way of the do do that I managed to run across a couple, quite by accident when I made a very, very rare trip to Prescott Valley and popped into Walgreen's to see if they had the Wet-N-Wild On the Prowl Collection.

One of the two yummy, fizzy Summer polishes I got is Apple-tini. A Granny Smith Apple green jelly packed with beautiful green to blue duochrome baby flakies and an amazingly pleasant and refreshing (for nail polish) green apple scent. This polish is very sheer, very jelly and, on the nail very not like it is in the bottle. Not at all like it is in the bottle. *sigh* I applied three coats and it wasn't anywhere near opaque and I knew that to get it there would require so much polish that I wouldn't be able to lift my delicate flower fingers for the weight of the substance on my nails so I just stopped where I was and slapped on some top coat. I was a little disappointed in the colour. In the bottle, Apple-tini is a cool, true Granny Smith Apple green but on the nail it is a washed out, yellowed ghost of the beautiful bottle colour. The flakies, however...

The flakies rescued this polish from the get rid of it box. For now. I think that I need to try this as a topper over other, more opaque jellies and cremes. I suspect that it would be far more successful as a layering polish, rather than trying to be a solo act. As I said earlier, this swatch is three coats and top coat. I shot these photographs in the late afternoon sun. And shade.

See what I mean? Not so fabulous on it's own, is it? But the formula is nice, It is a little thin but it applies nicely and evenly with little streaking only with the first coat. There was no running, pooling, dragging or bubbling. I can't say what dry time is like as I didn't wear it for long.

I suppose that is about all that I really have to say about this polish.

I just want to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to a sharp eyed fellow blogger who alerted me to someone on E-Bay France who had stolen one of my photographs and was using it to sell her nail polish. I messaged the seller and asked her to take my photograph down, as she hadn't asked my permission to use it. Happily, she complied with my request so I didn't have to take it any further. I suppose that, now that my photographs are beginning to show up in places I didn't post them, it is time to print and fax to E-Bay that damned report photo theft form thingy. *sigh*

Why can't people just take and use their own photographs? It takes just a few minutes to take a picture, upload it to your 'puter, edit it and post it. Hell, if I can do it, anyone can! lol Am I crazy or would it be faster and easier to take and post your own photographs than to search for and swipe someone else's? You know, if she had just had the balls and the respect to e-mail me and tell me that she liked my photograph and then asked my permission to use it, I would  probably given it to her. I would have watermarked the photograph and e-mailed it to her to post on her listing.

And please, to my photo guardian angel, could you please drop me a comment or an e-mail with your blog link, again? Pretty please? I inadvertently deleted your e-mails in my mad inbox cleanout whirl, yesterday afternoon. I didn't even realize they were gone until I went back to check an e-mail that Apothica had sent to me and I felt like a jerk because I haven't been to visit and follow you, yet. *hangs head*

Okay, this is a wordy, rambling, random mess. If you read all the way through it, you deserve a medal.

Thank you so much for popping in. Have a great day and may your polish never bubble.


  1. Yeah that polish looks whack...LOL Reminds me of the slime from Nickelodeon.

  2. Another example of a polish looking so different on the nail than in the bottle.  I hope you can still return it, up to a year for Walgreen's right?  It's so nice that the blogger in France noticed the ebay posting & contacted you, renews my faith in humankind.   Have a great day!

  3. OK I'll send you my address for my medal-I always read all the way through-you ramble like I do!!! I like it!  I don't think my pics are worthy of stealing-but I just ordered a new camera-so hopefully my pics will be better!  This polish is nowhere near what it is in the bottle-I hate that!

  4. She didn't contact me, she stole my photographs and used it on her E-Bay listing. I messaged her and asked her to take it down and she did. I'll give her props for at least doing as I asked. :)

  5. That's the funny thing, I never really felt that mine were, either. I mean, I have a tired, old, broken down low resolution camera that has focus issues and it doesn't exactly produce pro product. lol 

  6. Mah nailz! They have been slimed! heh heh

  7. Not defending it, but as a possible explaination as to why they might not take their own photos... If they're not a polish collector in their own right so that they might have their own bottle of the polish, then if they swatch the polish to take their own picture, then they can't sell the bottle as new and unopened, which probably means they can't sell it for as much.

  8. Lazy? Dishonest? Ignorant? All of the above? I know some people feel that if it's on the internet it's free for the taking, but that of course is totally not true.

  9. I agree. When in doubt, ask permission. All she had to do was ask, I would have probably loaned her my photo. 

  10. While I see your point, she could have just photographed the bottle of polish, unopened. It doesn't take long to fire of a few shots of a bottle of polish and post it. Wanting a swatch photograph and still sell an unopened bottle is no excuse. And, as I have said, if she had shown me the simple respect of contacting me and asking if she could use my photograph, I would have probably have watermarked it and e-mailed her a copy to use. I really don't mind sharing and am flattered that people like my photos and I don't mind sharing, if asked. :)


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