Sinful Colors Boom Boom: Swatch and Review

Hello gentle readers.

Greetings from the land of pretty pink polish. Today's swatch is Sinful Colors Boom Boom. Bright, raspberry pink jelly. This is so pretty and girlie and just screams Spring. I applied two coats and skipped top coat, since it was so very shiny.

There are some bubbles and so forth, thanks to the brush in this polish. Sadly, this one was bad. Really bad. Sinful Colors usually gives a decent brush but lately I have noticed a drop in quality of the brushes from this brand. I am hoping that this is an anomaly, not the norm. I will be disappointed if it is, as I sincerely like Sinful Colors but I won't waste my money on polish with crappy brushes. Just ask Wet-N-Wild.

Brush aside, the formula of this polish is quite lovely. It was jelly and smooth and dries squishy and yummy. Boom Boom dries to a lovely shiny finish in good time. I may decant this into a spare bottle I have floating around. It is worth the effort, I feel.

Boom Boom is part of a newer collection from Sinful Colors. There are some other new colours that I found and snapped up during the recent ninety-nine cent sale and I will be trotting them out, very soon. Oh! If you are on the hunt for Cinderella, check the core display! That is where I found mine. In fact, I found all of the new shades there.

Thank you so much for dropping in, reading and your kind comments, as always. Have a great day and may your polish never bubble.