Sinful Colors Hottie: Swatch and Review

Hello gentle readers.

Today I have a quick look at a glitter that I purchased back in 2010 and am just now swatching and showing too you. This is Sinful Colors Hottie. A super thick pale blue jelly base with tiny silver and small hex and round glitters in blue, pink, orange, green. I applied one coat of this glitter over Sally Hansen X-Treme Wear in Pacific Blue. I had to use Gelous then a regular top coat over this glitter for this swatch.

This swatch was shot in my lightbox under my OttLight.

Probably should have done two coats but had I done so, my nails would have been really, really, really thick. You see, Sinful Hottie has just about the thickest, gloopiest jelly base I have ever met. It is just about as thick as Finger Paints Psychedelic Sunshine. In spite of dumping thinner in the bottle until it nearly overflowed and shaking it until my poor wrist bid fair to snap, this stuff is still like troweling on concrete. Pretty, sparkly boue concrete, but concrete, all the same. I didn't wear this long enough to see how long it would take it to dry. But it must have top coat as it is quite textured and sets to a satin matte finish on it's own.

Do I regret buying Sinful Colors Hottie? Nope. Would I suggest that you do so? Sure. If you are on the lookout for a pretty multi glitter that is predominately blue and you don't mind working with a thick base, this is a nice glitter polish to add to your lineup. At just under two clams and easily acquired anywhere you can buy Sinful Colors, it is worth making your own.

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Thank you for coming in on this Sunday. Have yourself a great day and may your polish never bubble.


  1. I've got a lot of the Sinful Colors glitters and most of them have that oatmeal consistency - seche vite is a must!   LOV4NAILS uses it a lot in her videos so I got it but I think that while it's helpful for those with long fingernails keep the strength of the free edge strong, it's just makes polish on my super short nails thick and end up chipping the polish off sooner.

  2. It is very pretty! I like Hottie but you're right, it is REALLY thick.

  3. this looks great! :) 

  4. this is lovely! 

  5. I have this thick polish, it is really thick, but oh so pretty. Makes me wanna wear it again. I love this on you and that pretty blue Pacific blue polish. I still need to get that one yet. :)

  6. Beautiful!! 

  7. I have this nail polish color too. I love this color. The trouble I had with the color is that it was so hard to get off my nails. And it just peeled off like fake nails. So It made it easier to come off my nails, and didn't have to use nail polish remover. Besides that, this is one of my newer favorite colors, from that brand. To me it is thick, like a gel consistancy.


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