Wet-N-Wild Megalast Under Your Spell: Swatch and Review

Hello gentle readers.

I took a day off from posting. I spent the day at the headbanger's ball, hiding in the dark and quiet. Blech. I hate days like that. :P

A while ago, I bought this polish on clearance at CVS. It was fifty percent off so it came in at a little less than a dollar. I am thinking that it was only worth about that, to be honest. Under Your Spell is a blackened jelly base with a dark burgundy shimmer that doesn't much show indoors but fires in the sun. I had to apply three coats to try to get the bottle colour onto my nails. This polish is so shiny that I didn't need top coat.

These photographs were shot out in the sun.

Pretty-ish enough, I suppose. Nothing that fires my imagination. The formula of this polish is nice enough. It behaved well tho it was streaky as hell on the first coat, a little better on the second and was opaque and extremely shiny on the third. There was no dragging, clotting or bubbling. Too bad the brush was the usual Wet-N-Wild crap rat chewed brush. I don't much know about dry time, as I got this off the moment I took my photographs. Meh. I think that this is going in the Get Rid of It box.

I know that I have been bagging on Wet-N-Wild polishes, lately. While I am kind of over the moon for their glitters, their nasty brushes don't matter all that much with glitters, I am kind of tired of battling the bad for their cremes, shimmers and jellies. I think that, unless it is a very special glitter, I am going to pass on Wet-N-Wild for a while. I still have a few hanging around in my untrieds that need a whirl so I am not finished with them, quite yet.

Okay, so... I think that is about it, for this one.

Thank you for popping in. Have a great day and may your polish never bubble.