Who Drank My Nail Polish?

Hello gentle readers.

Look what landed on my doorstep, today.

Oopsie! Did someone get thirsty? 

I ordered Revlon Whimsical from Ulta, since I can't find it in any of my local stores and it came about one third empty. What? It didn't leak in transit. It was just... drained. It hadn't been used; there was no gunky junk on the neck of the bottle, the polish wasn't thickened, it didn't look used. I jumped on the phone to Ulta and told them about it and they are sending out a replacement bottle, right away. So, kudos to Ulta customer service for their fast and friendly attention to my little problem. Bonus? I get to keep the partially full bottle of Whimsical, since it makes no sense for them to send me a shipping label to return it. :D

Have you ever ordered a polish and had it arrive oddly drained of some of it's contents, as if it had been attacked by some odd polish slurping vampire?