China Glaze Dance Baby: Swatch and Review

Hello gentle readers.

I see that Blogger is futzing around with stuff, again. Are these improvements? Have they fixed the glitch that has kept me from editing my frakking blogroll? I have a pile of blogs bookmarked that I haven't been able to add to my blogroll in an eternity and I am a little tired of it not working. So, Blogger, instead of changing shit, fix the shit that is already here.

Okay, now that I have gotten that off my chest...

How'z about a quick look at China Glaze Dance Baby. Remember when I said that I had bought enough of the Electropop polishes? I lied. Like a rug. *shrug* I picked up Dance Baby and Sweet Hook. Guess this collection grabbed on to me a little harder than I thought it would. I keep acquiring polishes from it. Dance Baby is a very pretty pink with a slight lilac lean. It reminds me a lot of Essie French Affair. Both polishes are that sweet, ladylike, girlie pink with a hit of lilac. But the formula on China Glaze Dance Baby is far, far superior. But more about that, later.

I applied two coats and used top coat for this swatch. This photograph was shot in full sun.

China Glaze Dance Baby has a beautiful formula. Smooth, silky creme goodness that just floats off the brush, sits sweetly on the nail and settles in without streaking, dragging, running, pooling or making annoying bubbles. Dry time for this baby is great, too. If you have been considering buying Essie French Affair, I highly recommend passing it and buying China Glaze Dance Baby, instead. The colour is just as pretty and the formula blows the Essie out of the water.

I want to thank all of you who passed along get well wishes. I am getting over this flu. Slowly. lol I finally felt well enough to do a few easy chores around my house, shower, wash my manky hair and brush the sweaters off my teeth, yesterday. I am still badly congested and cough a lot when I move around the house, but I am back on my feet. Sorta. Heh heh. It is good to be feeling more human and I am looking forward to getting back to 100%. Being sick blows and I have been down long enough! :P

Okay, time to toddle along. Thank you so very much for popping in. Have a great day, stay healthy! And may your polish never bubble.


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