China Glaze Reggae to Riches

Hello gentle readers.

Happy Monday to you all! No? Shut up? Get Lost? Fuck off? Well, all righty, then. heh heh Guess I was pushing it being so chipper on a Monday morning. I don't know why I am, exactly. I have a migraine and I think that I am coming down with whatever it is that my husband, that incubus of viral plague, has had for the last week. I suspect flu. Bleargh.

All that aside, I have a gorgeous polish to show you this morning. I have been eyeing this beauty for a long time. Every time I would go into Sally's I would consider picking it up, then decide, "Eh... I'll grab it next time I'm in." Then it would be sold out for a bit, then back in and the whole thing would start again. Well, I finally did grab it. Boy am I ever glad I did.

China Glaze Reggae to Riches is a beautiful red/violet jelly packed with blue microchimmer. This polish glows, simply glows, as if lit from within by some otherworldly inner fire that shifts up and down the bottle and up and down the nails. Translucent, squishy, juicy, this polish evokes mental pictures of an alien fruit, plucked from a shimmering vine, ripe and ready to bite, to experience something exquisite.

I applied two coats and topped it with Seche Vite to wear. I could have done three, if I had wanted to totally obliterate the VNL but honestly, it didn't bother me. Most of the time, the shimmer disguised my nail line just fine. If VNL isn't to your personal liking, a third coat should take care of it for you. I just felt that this looked as perfect as it could, at two.

I applied and photographed this polish on a cloudy, flurry filled day, so most photos were taken in my lightbox, lit with my OttLight. Oh, yes... Lots of photos. I couldn't stop snapping when I was shooting this beauty. Just letting you know, now that mere photographs, especially those taken with my camera (ugh!) can't do this polish justice. You are going to have to trust me when I say it is gorgeous.

This photo was taken outdoors in flurries to try to show the translucent squish and juiciness of this beautiful polish. I don't think that I was terribly successful. *sigh* Sorry about that. 

The formula on Reggae to Riches is just about as close to perfect as a polish lover could want. This thick, yet fluid jelly polish behaves like a true lady, flowing softly off the brush to sit and stay sweetly where it is placed. There is no running, pooling, dragging or bubbling nonsense. I did little cleanup while applying this polish and the little I did do was just fussbudget refining, because I can't not do that. Dry time, with Seche Vite was a tiny bit slow but not obnoxiously so. I just needed to exercise a little additional caution for a little while longer than normal. Wear time for this polish wasn't stellar. I had to remove it after three days. I don't mind, since I change my polish frequently, but if you are someone who likes a manicure to last at least a week, the short wear time might bug you.

China Glaze Reggae to Riches is part of the China Glaze core line and is available wherever China Glaze is sold. This shade is frequently sold out at my local Sally's which tells me that it is a much loved polish. If you might be interested in this stunner, run, don't walk to your nearest retailer and snap up this baby. You won't be sorry that you did. Especially when you wear it, say... This Summer with a little tan and a sundress on a hot, August night.

Okay, this is long. I am going to get my Colour Series: China Glaze Vintage Vixen Collection polishes ready to run. I also have six of the new China Glaze Colours From the Capital (Hunger Games) polishes to swatch and feature. I also have a ton of the new Sinful Colors Spring and Cast Away Collection polishes to get swatched and ready to go. So, my fingers will be kept very busy, for the next little while.

Thank you so much for popping in. I hope that you all had a great weekend. I did. I didn't spend much time online, and enjoyed my little break and am refreshed and ready to roll, once again. Have a terrific Monday and may your polish never bubble.


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