Colour Series ~ China Glaze Vintage Vixen: Ingrid

Hello gentle readers.

This next polish in my Colour Series is one I originally purchased solely based on the name. Say hello to Ingrid. A lovely, warm golden greige with gold shimmer. I know what you are thinking. "That polish is brown. And you don't like brown." You're right. I don't normally care for brown polish and I honestly didn't expect to like this one but for some reason, when I got it on my nails, I found myself really liking it. Maybe it's the greyed tone and the strong gold shimmer... And the fact that I am trying to be a little more open minded, a little less hidebound in my attitude and I am trying to appreciate the beauty in colours I don't normally like.

We'll see how that goes. :P

This swatch is two coats and top coat. I shot this photograph in full sun.

Get yourself an eyeful of that shimmer! 

The formula on China Glaze Ingrid is pretty nice. The first coat went on a little thin, a bit streaky and had a few bald patches but the second coat just smoothed on flawlessly and gave me a perfect, opaque finish. This polish was pretty easy to handle, I didn't have any real application issues and I didn't have to do much cleanup, either. Dry time is decent, a fast dry top coat is useful.

What do you think of our girl Ingrid? I am liking her a lot and I am going to wear this polish, now and again. Maybe this is my gateway brown? You never know. If you like this swatch and think that you might like to own this polish, Ingrid is part of China Glaze's core line and you should find it anywhere China Glaze is sold.

Thank you so much for popping in. Have a lovely day and may your polish never bubble.