Retailer Review: Apothica

Hello gentle readers.

Today I am writing up a review of Apothica, an online shop that specializes in mid tier and higher end cosmetics and beauty products.

I was recently approached by the PR firm that represents Apothica, Skincare Rx and Skinbotanica, a triad of purveyors of beauty, asking me if I would be willing to host a link and logo in exchange for a gift card that I could use to shop on any of their three sites. I thought about it for a little bit. Honestly, I was a tad reluctant, at first as I had never planned to agree to having a sponsor on this blog. I had to give it a good deal of thought. The more I thought about it, I knew that it was something I could be comfortable with. I always want my readers to be able to trust my word and I know, from all of the reviews that I have read that  Apothica/Skincare Rx is a good company, they have an excellent track record and I knew that I could feel good about hosting their link so I agreed.

I received my gift code by e-mail and set about perusing Skincare Rx and Apothica. It quickly became apparent to me that I wasn't going to choose skincare. Skincare Rx has a lot of beautiful products to offer but they are, sadly a bit out of my price range (for me, ROC at the drugstore is crazy spendy!) and I didn't want to try something so lovely, decide I can't live without it but have to because I couldn't afford to replace it, once it was gone. So, I decided to amble on over to Apothica and see what was to be had in the makeup and polish arena.

Surfing Apothica is like going on a treasure hunt and a scavenger hunt and a journey of exploration, all rolled into one. Something I loved about the site? Huge selection of many products and brands. Many. many. many products and brands. If there is something you want in mid tier and higher end beauty goodies, chances are good that you can find it there. Perusing the vast selection and making my choices was a hell of a lot of fun and a little frustrating in the very best way as I decided, compared, changed my mind, decided and finally took the plunge and bought my goodies.

Unfortunately, Apothica can be a little tough to navigate. I don't think that it is deliberate on their part, I think that as they expanded their product range and brought in new inventory, they just tacked on more space willy-nilly as they needed it and the result is that navigating around the site is like wandering aimlessly through the Winchester Mystery Mansion. There are a lot of delightful twists and turns and hidden areas to delight your adventurous spirit. Unfortunately, there are also dead ends, doorways to nowhere and staircases that will land you in strange places, scratching your head in puzzlement and looking around hoping that you can find your way back out, again. I don't mind that sort of thing, provided that I have the time to enjoy the journey. But streamlined, in and out shopping, isn't. hee hee Unless you are intimately acquainted with where your goodies of choice live, be ready to spend some time at your shopping.

My registration and ordering experience was smooth and swift. Once my order was placed, I immediately received a confirmation e-mail. A little while later, I received an e-mail letting me know that a couple of my choices were backordered but that the rest of my order would ship, soon. Shipping time was decent. Not lightening fast but I didn't have to wait forever, either. Like I said, decent. When I received my order, my items were well packed in plenty of bubble wrap and those pillow thingies. I also received a few very nice samples. One, a fragrance sample has become something I am going to need in full size. Soon. All of my items were in perfect condition.

One of my items had to ship from a different warehouse so it was a few days behind the rest of my items but it also arrived well packed and in perfect condition. I was concerned about my backordered item and gave them a shout. I got through to a live human being quickly and the customer care person was professional, friendly and accommodating. Customer service means a lot to me. A company can have a fancy-schmancy website with all of the bells and whistles, fab stuff and great prices but if their customer service is crappy, they are not going to get my business, again.

It took a little while to get all of my goodies in my hot little hands. I understand that a couple of items took a little extra time, since they are high demand goodies and I didn't mind all that much. And I did get them. My goodies. So, it is all good and I am happy.

Do I like Apothica and Skincare Rx? You betcha. Will I shop there, again. Oh, yeah. As soon as my budget eases up, me and my debit card are all over that site like a cheap suit. Do I recommend Apothica and Skincare Rx to my gentle readers? Yes, I do. Without reservation.

Oh! You probably want to know what I bought with my gift card. I decided that I would use the opportunity to splurge and buy some much wanted Deborah Lippmann polishes. I have lusted after some of those polishes for a long time but could never justify spending that kind of dough so I just admired from afar. Now, I am the proud owner of four beautiful new Deborah Lippmann polishes and an Essie to round it all out.

*sigh* just looking at those beautiful, heavy square glass bottles makes me inexplicably happy in a I love polish kind of way. From the left we have: Glitter in the Air, Lady Sings the Blues, Happy Birthday and Across the Universe. And, let us not forget Essie Cocktail Bling. I have shown you Cocktail Bling. If you have been reading blogs for any time, no doubt you have seen the Lippmann polishes a million and one times. If you would like to see any of these in action let me know and I'll get on it. I haven't cracked any of them, yet. I just like to look at them and pet them.

Do you shop with Apothica? Like their site? Find it a little confuzzling, like I do, but like it, all the same?

Thank you for popping in and reading my ramblings. I will be in on Friday to announce my giveaway winner. I had hoped to have the winner drawn by now but I was sidetracked by a not well doggie and various and sundry other things, including a rebound migraine. I am going through test driving Imitrex... Don't know if it is going to work, yet. So, yeah. Friday. Then I am off for the weekend. I have a billion things to do and I want to swatch my rotten little fingers off and bank some photographs.

Have a great day and may your polish never bubble.

This review is my honest and fair opinion of a shopping website. I was offered a gift card for this site in exchange for hosting a link to the site but my feelings expressed about my experience are real and all mine and in my own words. I had a good experience and told you about it. If it had been not so good, I would have told you that, too. It is important to me that my readers trust my reviews and I won't betray that trust for anything.