China Glaze Dress Me Up: Swatch and Review

Hello gentle readers.

I want to start by saying thank you to everyone who left such sweet comments and hellos to Marley on my Random Stuff Sunday post. He is very flattered and has a very large head now. Aw... Who am I kidding? He expected the adulation and considers it his due. Cats... heh heh

I also want to warn all of you that my photographs will be... Rough. Weird. Pretty freaking bad for a while. Like yesterday's. *shudder* I am very much in the learning process or should I say, relearning process and since I don't have any photographers in my life and classes aren't in the cards for me, right now I am just flying by the seat of my pants and learning by doing. I got a little helpful advice from a lovely reader and I am going to try her tips. I aspire to photos that are as pretty as those that GooseGotham PolishFashion PolishChalkboard NailsThe Polished Perfectionist and Loodie (just to name a few) show in their great blogs. We'll see how I get on.

Let us begin the craptastic photo-a-thon with Dress Me Up by China Glaze. This is part of the Colours From the Capital Collection that ties in to the release of The Hunger Games. Dress Me Up is a soft, ladylike cocoa rose creme; shiny and rich and warm, this polish is appropriate for work or play. Slightly dusty, a touch greyed, the tone prevents this from wandering into the much dreaded by many "granny" or "old lady" territory. (Remind me to go off on a rant on my feelings about those descriptors, at a later date.) I applied two coats and topped this swatch with top coat. This photo was shot in my lightbox.


China Glaze Dress Me Up has a fabulous formula. Thick, richly pigmented and dense, if you have smooth nails and a little skill, this may be a one coat wonder for you. It almost was, for me but my demon ridges spoiled the party and I had to do a second coat. I don't stress all that much over my ridges; they are there, they are a part of my nails and sometimes they show. I accept that. But they didn't allow a single coat of this polish to look well, so two coats for me. Application of Dress Me Up was a pleasure, it flowed smoothly off the brush onto my nails, sat sweetly down where I placed it and didn't streak, run, pool or drag. I think I picked up my cleanup brush twice, just to do a little fussbudget refining. Dry time is pretty decent for such a thick, (but certainly not goopy!) dense polish. I didn't have any trouble with bubbles, either during application or while the polish was drying.

Pettyfogging Blogger, anyway! My text is stuck in center alignment and won't switch back. Sorry about that, kids. 

Anywhoozle, what do you think about Dress Me Up? Love it? Leave it? I am surprised at how much I kind of like it. It is a touch to the brown side for my usual taste but it has enough pink in it that it isn't brown, brown. It does tend to make my hands look a little lobster claw-y but I certainly don't dislike it. If you are interested in acquiring this polish, Dress Me Up is out in stores and e-tailers that carry China Glaze, now. 

Okay, I think that I will run along as I feel that I have bored on long enough. Thank you all so much for stopping by. Have a great day and may your polish never bubble. 


  1. This is a really pretty, work appropriate polish.

  2. What an interesting color!  I really don't know if it would be a good one for me...
    I think I could help you figure out your new camera and such, maybe... I am a bit of a photographer.  What camera and what settings are you using? 

  3. Love this colour.  It's so classy!

  4. Love it but on my own skintone it would be dreadful! So I shall admire from afar.

  5. Francis, you rock. My camera is a Fuji FinePix S3280. I have read reviews (after I got the thing) that there was a lot of noise in the shots, graininess and difficulty getting sharp focus. I am currently using the SP in Flower setting, in macro. I chose flower because it captures colour really nicely, which is important when you are photographing polish. The camera sets everything else. Image size is L 4:3, Image Quality is Fine. Somehow I need to reduce the noise so that shimmer looks lifelike, not like hard spikes and glitter particles show as they are and holo... I tried to shoot holo yesterday and it was a total fail. I had to delete over 200 shots that were a complete mess. 

    I think I have the focus thing down pretty well... I use a tripod or set my camera on a hard surface and use my self timer to eliminate camera shake. I can't take a perfectly sharp shot holding that thing to save my life. Sunshine shots are nearly impossible to get clear and crisp. I need to learn how to set the shutter speed and aperture, as my camera is equipped for that but that is advanced for me. I am a point and shoot kinda picture taker. 

  6. It gives me lobster claws. That doesn't show much in this photo but yeah... This tone is hard for me to wear. 

  7. That is what I thought. Very nice for work. :)

  8. Hi Erika,
    It's me, Sophie again, and I really like this color. And would you believe that my Mom had a similar color from Avon 30 yrs ago? It was called, very appropriately, Mocha Rose. At least this one won't be as hard to find as Do You Lilac It!!! ;)

  9. A few ideas...  There should be a "P" setting where you can program in some of the settings and let the camera choose the rest.  You would be able to choose an ISO for example (100 or 200 is best for nail polish pictures) and it would adjust everything else to compensate.  I have a lower model fujifilm camera (not my main camera) and if you go to menu and set the shooting mode to P then you can set ISO and white balance and such below.
    You might also try just using macro without the for-flowers scene mode (is that what you were saying you did?) because sometimes the scene modes do interesting over-sharpening.
    You also might try NOT using macro and instead just zooming in on your hand from further away.  That's how I take almost all of my nail polish shots, and I feel like they come out pretty cleanly.  Some cameras do better in macro than others.

    You might want to try shooting in a lightbox-esque situation or in shade a few times for non-sparkly polishes, cameras sometimes don't like the amount of shine in full sun.

    Hopefully some of this helps, let me know...

  10. Hey Sophie. :) This polish is available everywhere, right now. I sent you an e-mail about Do You Lilac It? I bought mine from Amazon. :D 

  11. I am going to try your suggestions. Whoda thunk that a lower ISO would actually give you better shots than higher? :D Thank you sooo much for replying and sharing your expertise. <3

  12. Yay!  Lower ISO means you need more light or a slower shutter speed than higher iso (1600+ are really good for dark rooms or sports, but you'll have a much grainier picture)

    How are you dealing with the images in post-processing?  I assume these aren't straight-out-of-camera shots.  There may be a better strategy for your new camera than what you used for your older one...

  13. I use the software on my puter and Paint and the Fuji software that came with my camera. I learned that the same techniques I used with my old camera aren't going to work with my new one and am in the process of figuring out what works with this one. So far, I have determined that less is definitely more. Sharpening, for instance just makes everything hyper-sharp and makes shimmer look like spikes and holo look like gravel. Not good. :P 

    I am going to try setting my camera and taking more photos in the coming days, according to your tips and also feel out post processing with those new settings. My aim is focused shots that are as lifelike and colour accurate as possible. :)

  14. Looking forward to your rant about the "old lady" / granny description of polishes.  After all, we're all headed that way if we are blessed to live that long, and in my humble opinion, we should be a lot kinder in our thoughts and words about becoming older. there's my mini-rant!

  15. I love these photos..they make me happy that I picked this one up at Sally's yesterday. Looking forward to trying it out!


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