Colour Series ~ China Glaze Vintage Vixen: First Class Ticket

Hello gentle readers.

Today we wrap up Colour Series ~ China Glaze Vintage Vixen with First Class Ticket. This deep, royal purple shimmer has tiny blue glitter and a camera elusive fuchsia flash. This polish is really beautiful, it is one of those polishes that photographs just can't begin to do proper justice.

This photograph is two (three on middle) coats and top coat. Like the rest of this series, this photograph was shot in full sun.

The formula on First Class Ticket is a bit difficult. It behaves a lot like Emerald Fitzgerald. If you don't apply it right, it will drag and make bald patches but the second coat will smooth on and give a smooth, opaque finish. Dry time, as with the rest of this collection can be a little pokey, a fast dry top coat is a nice help to getting this polish to dry in good time.

So, there you have it. The polishes from the China Glaze Vintage Vixen Collection from Autumn 2010 that I purchased. All of these polishes are rich, shimmery and beautiful to look at. Some of them are a tad snotty to work with but are so pretty that they are worth a little extra work, in my opinion.

Thank you for reading this series and all of your kind comments. Tomorrow, I get back to regular programming with some fun dotted nail art and I have some Sinfuls to begin showing to you. I also have some of the new OPI Holland Collection polishes. I may hold off on those until I can get the rest of the ones I want. We'll see... :)

Have a great day and may your polish never bubble.


  1. So gorgeous!

  2. I look forward to more series like this :) I love revisiting older collections of polish. 

  3. This has got to be one of ChG's classier collections.  I only have Ingrid but, wow, you're making me wish I had the whole set!  I'm really loving this one :)

  4. This is a classy collection. I have been enamored of these polishes since I saw the first press releases in Summer of 2010. IMO, this is China Glaze's prettiest Fall collection, to date. :) These polishes are easy to get hold of, if you want them. :)

  5. I don't have many older collections. I wish I did. I love a lot of the older collections. The colours were just so... Fabulous! I am glad that you like my Colour Series, tho. I'll have to think up something fun for the next one. :D

  6. Thank you. :D

  7. Isn't it, tho? I love this one. You should see it in person!


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