Essence Choose Me: Swatch and Review

Hello gentle readers.

Ever have those days when everything just gets away from you and the task you begin never gets done? That happened to me, yesterday. I sat down at my 'puter to do a post here and got started then I had an aura, had to go take migraine meds, then I got sidetracked by something else, then I got to doing up some housework then... then... then... And before I knew it, it was a little late to actually finish and post so I decided to just do it, this morning.

Today's swatch is of Essence Choose Me, a beautiful cerulean blue jelly packed with gold glass fleck that shifts this polish from blue to sea green to gold. Just lovely is this polish. It reminds me of mermaids and pictures of  magical undersea grottoes.

Photographs were shot in my lightbox and are two coats with top coat. In person, this polish looks opaque at two coats, it photographed more sheer.

These photos were taken with my new (maybe) camera. I am getting the hang of  it and the limited editing software that came with it. I am still undecided but I will say, the quality of these photos is better than with my ancient point and shoot. 

Essence Choose Me, like the one other Essence polish I own is a lovely formula. It applies like a dream boat, smooth and easy, it flows off the nice, wide brush and sits it's self down where I want it to go without any dragging, running, pooling or other nonsense. I had little cleanup with this polish and dry time is fast without any bubbles too be had.

Wear time for this polish is not stellar. In fact, it is pretty abysmal. I had significant tip wear at the end of the first day and chips a go-go by the second. Essence Choose Me is beautiful and fun but it is definitely a short wear polish. Maybe it would be nice for layering, too. I need to order more polishes from this brand next time I place an Ulta order. At a clam a bottle, with such nice formulas and pretty colours, these minis are a great value.

Do you own this pretty polish or any of it's twins that are floating around out there? Love it? Over it?

Thank you so much for popping in. Have a great day and may your polish never bubble.


  1. This is a pretty special polish! Love the lint like glitter!

  2. That's so pretty!

  3. Ooouuuchhh! I'm so sorry for your migraine! I know how mine feels, and when I get the aura, I'm in a full panic... I've got the Choose Me, but mine seems more duochrome/foil and definitely more green/teal than in your pics. Maybe it's the new camera? I'm not an expert photographer in any way, but I've spoken about my own nail blog pics with a professional. I think he'd say that these pics have quite a lot of "noise" in them, looks like there's some fog in the air or something. I was adviced to use the lowest ISO setting possible to avoid it - it's like having a too sensitive film in your camera even though you're taking the pics in full daylight. If you know someone who's a photographer for real, I can recommend a session! There's so much I still don't get in taking good pics.. :)

  4. Thank you. I really like this. :D

  5. These photos were over edited. I sharpened them too much to kill some blur and that really picked out the gold shimmer. I am still in the process of learning how to use this camera and it is driving me a little crazy. lol I would love to take a class to improve my photographs. Unfortunately, I don't have access to a photographer. *sigh* But thank you for the hints, I may give them a shot and see what I get. :)

  6. This one looks amazing!! I don't have an Essence, but I always see so many that are so beautiful! I really ought to give them a shot!

  7. Woah that is some serious. Pretty polish!

  8. Essence is good stuff. I like the two I own, so far. :)


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