Essie Turquoise and Caicos: Swatch and Review

Hello gentle readers.

Today I have a lovely Essie polish to share with you. This is the famous Turquoise and Caicos; a smooth, creamy blue green creme that looks as if you tossed chunks of Sleeping Beauty blue and green turquoise into a blender and added cream, sunlight and soft sea breezes and whirled it all together.

I applied three coats and skipped top coat for this swatch.

I like this colour so much. I could see this cooling off red hot, humid Dog Days, this Summer.

Essie Turquoise and Caicos has a jelly texture that feels creamy, too. Not exactly a hybrid crelly, it is too jelly for that but it is pigmented and can be opaque quickly. I needed three coats to cope with my demon ridges, if you have smooth nails, two would probably do the trick. The formula on this polish is nice. Not the best I have ever encountered, Essie can be a bit hit or miss, for me but this one is respectable. The first coat was a tad streaky but by the time the second coat smoothed up my nails, it was largely opaque and perfectly smooth and streak free. Sadly, as I mentioned earlier, this polish isn't good on uneven surfaces and I needed a third coat. Application was pretty easy, no running, pooling, dragging or glopping. Dry time is respectable, indeed without any bubble nonsense.

Do you own this beautiful polish? How do you like it? If you think that you would care to own it, it is easy to find. I bought my bottle from Amazon, you can also acquire it in stores that sell Essie, from various e-tailers and I imagine, E-Bay. In other words, it isn't hard to find or rare, so don't let anyone try to fool you into thinking that it is or rook you on the price.

Thank you so much for popping in, Have a loverly day and may your polish never bubble.


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