Once More With Feeling! China Glaze Aquadelic: Swatch and Review

Hello gentle readers.

Remember this post in which I cried and complained about China Glaze being thick, gloopy, streaky and bubbly? Well, I thinned it out well (a little too well, as it turned out but more about that, later) and let it marinate a bit, shook it up, let it settle and gave it another shot.

It was much better, this time. More like the bottles of this polish reviewed by fellow bloggers. A little on the thin side, I added a bit too much thinner so I had to apply three coats to get a perfectly opaque finish but it was much, much better than the streaking, glopping, bubbling and ickiness. I topped this swatch with top coat. This is such pretty polish. I love aqua blue, it is so fresh and crisp and perfect for Spring and Summer.

Here is a new picture. The quality is cray-cray. I am learning (with the help of a couple of very generous ladies) and they will get better. I promise!

So, do you own Aquadelic? Love it? If you are interested in acquiring this pretty polish, it is part of the China Glaze Spring Poptastic collection and in wide release, now.

Thank you for swinging by and reading. Have a great day and may your polish never bubble.