Random Stuff Sunday

Hello gentle readers.

I thought that I would try out a new feature. Random Stuff Sunday. I was going to call it Random Shit Sunday, but I cuss a lot on this blog already and I am trying to clean up my act a little...

 Riiiiiight. ;)

I thought that it would be fun to have a day of the week where I just put in here anything that pops into my little old brain. Might be a pet, or landscape or a great LOL Cat or a Manicure of Memory. Who knows?

Today's random stuff is my kitteh, Marley. Marley is a six-ish year old orange tabby male.

Photo taken with the camera I am dating, and considering dumping. The resolution is nice but that frakking blur and the graininess. I just can't get a crisp, clean macro shot, no matter what I do. Gah!!

He knows that he is fabulous.  Marley is a terrific cat. He is exceptionally well mannered, he was taught, from kittenhood not to claw, scratch or bite and he behaves like a perfect gentleman. He is a cherished member of the family and we adore having him around. Marley loves Sabryna (our dog) tho I can't say that she returns that affection. She tolerates him, rather like a much older sister would a very much younger bratty little brother. Marley loves to tease Sabryna and push his luck. She puts up with only so much, then she growls at him and snap! go her teeth, like a crocodile. Marley will run and stay away for a while. Then he begins again. It is so funny to watch those two.

Okay, I am going to run along, now. I hope that you are having a lovely Sunday.


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