Sinful Colors Pandora: Swatch and Review

Hello gentle readers.

Buckle your seatbelts, kids. I am a-showin' you another brown polish.

Calm down. This isn't going to be come a habit.

I don't think...

Anywhoozles, here be the gently shimmering, warm terracotta toned Pandora from the Cast Away Collection. Now, I am going to admit, straight up that I purchased this polish because I had to acquire the entire Cast Away Collection. It's how I roll, you know. If I can get my hands on an entire collection and I can afford it, it is coming home with me. Expensive? Yep. Sick? Probably. Acceptable in the nail community? Absobloomin'lutely. You all get the drive to buy insane amounts of polish. I am safe among you.

And I bought it because I like the name. Seriously. Pandora is one of those amazingly fabulous names that just capture your imagination and makes you dream a little dream. The shimmer in this polish is a little dreamy. In indoor light it is a hidden, subtle magenta flash. In sun, it fires and dances on the nails in tiny multicoloured splendor.

It's brown. And I don't hate it. Here is a brown-toned polish that doesn't give me lobster claws. It is oddly flattering and... I... Kinda like it.

Imagine that. This is two coats and top coat. Look at that shimmah! It's subtle but beautiful. And shiny!?!?

Sinful Colors Pandora has a splendiferous formula. Thick but not of the gloopy persuasion and flows so easily off the (sadly) badly trimmed brush to settle sweetly down where it is placed. This polish doesn't drag or pool, it won't run or streak or bubble. Dry time is really respectable, especially with a quick dry top coat.

I am a bit dismayed to see the quality of Sinful Colors brushes continue to degrade. Low price doesn't have to equate low quality but if Revlon, who owns Sinful doesn't get their act together, this lovely brand is going to go down the tubes and that would be a low down dirty shame.

Okay. I suppose that I have been slopping around long enough on this entry and should get it posted. I keep getting sidetracked and it is going to be Christmas before I publish it, at this rate. :P

Thank you for popping in and reading. Have a lovely day and may your polish never bubble.