Sinful Colors Tutu

Hello gentle readers.

Here is Sinful Colors Tutu, a soft, milky pink jelly with a delicate iridescent microshimmer running through it. I love delicate ballet pink polishes like this. Sometimes, nothing else will do it for me but a gentle, shiny, squishy sheer-ish pink.

This is two coats and Seche Vite. This photograph was shot in sun, if I remember correctly.

Maybe this is three coats? Pffft!!! I need to remember to write it down. Every time I polish. Blech. The brain. It's the first thing to go.

After the tits.

Anywhoozle... Sinful Colors Tutu has a pretty decent formula. It can be a tad streaky on the first coat or so but it levels out, after the second. (or third?) It is pretty well behaved, I didn't have a lot of cleanup with this pretty polish. Dry time wasn't too shabby, either. Wear time isn't stellar. I had to take this off after two days.

If you like a milky, slightly shimmery pink jelly, you might really enjoy Sinful Colors Tutu. I bought mine at Walgreen's.

I am going to be absent Sunday to spend Easter with my family and just kick back and not be online, much. I will see all of you lovely lacquerheads on Monday. Have a great weekend, everyone and a very happy and joyous Easter to all who celebrate.


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