China Glaze Prismatic, the Miniseries: Full Spectrum

Hello gentle readers.

Today's Episode in my Prismatic Miniseries is Full Spectrum, a purple to silvery green shifter. This polish reminds me of raw amethyst; those crystals on the edge of the gem quality stone that are transitioning from green to the more familiar purple. In that in between state, as you move the raw stone back and forth, you can see and feel the shift and see the light bouncing off of the planes of the crystals. That magical change is evoked by this polish.




Isn't this a pretty polish? I love the shift between purple and green. These photographs didn't show a whole lot of the green, but it is there, here and there in the pictures and more apparent in person.  A full review of this polish and the others in this collection is here.

Do you own this lovely glitter? Think that you might like to? It is widely available, if you are on the lookout for it. 

Thank you for stopping in. Have a great Wednesday and may your polish never bubble.