China Glaze Prismatic: The Miniseries

Hello gentle readers.

Today begins a miniseries featuring the China Glaze Prismatic Collection for Spring, 2012. I know that this is a little late in coming along but hey, this is my little corner of the Internet and I do things on my own time frame. Besides, this collection is still very widely available and, in my not so humble opinion, not getting the love that it should.

In the interest of spreading the love a little bit and because these polishes are pretty frakking awesome, I swatched, shot over three hundred photographs of them then spent way more time than any human being should cropping, editing then paring them down to just five or six per polish. Now, I am not going to sit here blowing smoke up your skirt (or jeans or capris or cargo pants or whatever you happen to be wearing on your lower half at the moment you read this post) and tell you that my photographs, in spite of the incredible number I shot will do these beautiful polishes even the tiniest bit of justice but by crackerbee, I gave it the old college try. And I am going to subject your delicate flower eyes to them.

 Alrighty then. On with the photographs, eh? A full description and review follow after the pictures. First in the miniseries is Ray-Diant, a beautiful duochrome shifter between silver and a soft, silvery-green. The larger hex glitters both blend in and stand out, making for a mix of magic. I did the best I could to capture both colours in this polish. These were shot under my OttLight, in sun and shade in my attempt to capture the awesome. I hope that you can see it.

 OttLight, the top shot is more green, the next, shifting to silvery-green.

 Sun, silver flash!

Shade, top shot a little more silvery, bottom, more green. Check out the bottles, they show the shift, too. 

Okay, since I am going to present these polishes in a number of posts, I am not going to do a full review at the end of each post. These polishes are, formula wise alike so one review, done now will suffice for everyone in the collection.

The China Glaze Prismatic polishes are glitters comprised of a clear or ever so slightly tinted suspension jelly base packed full of colour shifting duochrome microglitter, the colours varying by polish. Alike across the collection is the larger, hex glitter in shades of pink, red, yellow/gold, silver, green, blue and orange. The formula is somewhat loose and fluid, easy to apply, the opacity isn't stellar. But it can build up in three coats. As this polish applies, it feels oddly "dry" as well as fluid. I think that can be attributed to the makeup of the glitters. These polishes behave very nicely, they are easy to control and sit right down where it is placed and I had little cleanup when I applied these swatches. The glitter distributes easily and smoothly up the nail but as this polish builds to opacity it doesn't do so perfectly smoothly. The finish in the end is a little uneven, due to how this glitter builds up. In photographs, it is visible, much less so to the casual observer. It doesn't bother me. These polishes dry fast and a bit gritty, extra top coat is definitely warranted. I found that a coat of Gelous finished off with a coat of Seche Vite best smooths and shines this stuff up. These polishes are beautiful on their own, they also layer and gradient beautifully. They are versatile and fun and, in my opinion, very worth owning and wearing.

What do you think of the Prismatic polishes? Do you own any of them? If you love green and silver, this one may catch your fancy; if it does, it isn't hard to find and make all your own.

Please stay tuned, tomorrow we will be looking at the lovely Full Spectrum, a duochrome purple to silvery green.

Thank you so much for popping in. Have a terrific day and may your polish never bubble.


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