China Glaze Prismatic: The Miniseries

Hello gentle readers.

Today I wrap up my China Glaze Prismatic Miniseries with the beauty of the bunch. Feast your little peepers on Optical Illusion. This stunning mermaid green to purple shifting wonder is my favourite of this collection. As pretty as it is in these photographs, it is so. much. prettier. in person. My camera couldn't even come close to real life and it missed the purple, almost completely. *sigh*

Seriously, you need to see this with your own two eyes, in your own two hands, on your own ten nails to believe it.




Was I lying? Yowza. This polish is beautiful. It is like a pile of treasure in a mermaid's grotto. Magical, rich, sparkling and dancing with different colours of gems and coins gathered from shipwrecks near and far. 

Do you own this stunner? If you are planning to pick up one polish from this collection, may I suggest that this be the one? I am willing to bet that you would love it. 

There we go. The China Glaze Prismatic Collection for Spring 2012. I hope that you enjoyed seeing these lovely glitter polishes as much as I enjoyed bringing them to you. 

Thank you so much for popping in and spending a little of your Monday with me. Have a great day and may your polish never bubble.