A Comparison: China Glaze For Audrey and Sinful Colors Be Happy

Hello gentle readers.

Welcome to my second post of the day. :D

I showed a swatch of Sinful Colors Be Happy here the other day. I compared that polish's colour to a Tiffany box blue and Bethany left a request in a comment on that post for a comparison between Be Happy and China Glaze For Audrey, also a Tiffany box blue. Curious, myself because Be Happy looked a lot to me as if it might be a dupe, today after I slopped some toner on my roots and crown of my hair (I needed to tone them out after I did my roots, the last time) I grabbed both polishes and got to painting and photographing.

I applied China Glaze For Audrey to my index and ring finger nails and I applied Sinful Colors Be Happy to my middle and pinkie finger nails. Two coats with Seche Vite. I photographed the comparison with both the China Glaze and Sinful Colors bottles in full sun.

As you can see from these photographs, China Glaze For Audrey and Sinful Colors Be Happy are extremely close in colour and tone but they are not dupes. For Audrey is slightly deeper, slightly cooler, a little more blue. Be happy has just a breath more green. For Audrey is a creme, Be Happy is closer to a crelly and, in bright light has a hidden, very fine microshimmer that For Audrey doesn't have. This shimmer is so subtle that I didn't even notice it, the first time I swatched it! But it is definitely there. In my opinion, not only does the colour, tone and shade have to match, so do the formula and finish to be a dead on dupe. These two are sisters. Very, very, very close sisters but they are not dead on dupes.

That said, they are close enough that if you want a pretty, pretty Tiffany Box blue with a nice formula, either one of these polishes would do the trick. Just remember that Be Happy has that subtle shimmer. Of the two, I prefer the China Glaze but that is just because I have a soft spot for this polish. And I love China Glaze. I had formula issues with Sinful Colors Be Happy when I swatched it. Last night, I dumped in six drops of thinner and tossed in a few extra ballz and gave it a right royal shake, shake, shake and it behaved so much better, this time around. I did a crap job on my polishing and cleanup, but I was in a hurry (my hair was processing, you know lol) and it is a comparison, so I let it slide.

So there you have it, Bethany and the rest of you curious lovelies. A comparison between China Glaze For Audrey and Sinful Colors Be Happy. I hope that this was helpful. If you have any other questions, please feel free to hit me up in the comments. If you would like to see any other comparisons, as long as I have the polishes, I am happy to do it, Again, just hit me up in the comments.

Thank you so much for popping in. Have a great evening and may your polish never bubble.


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