Manicure of the Moment: Orly Prelude to a Kiss and Dots! Dots! Dots!

Hello gentle readers.

I am switching things up a little and showing you what is on my nails, today. Orly Prelude to a Kiss is a beautiful pale, creamy peach crelly. I don't always find peach to be an easy colour for me to wear but Prelude to a Kiss has just a tiny splash of pink in it, making it flattering and easy to wear. I applied two coats and topped it with Seche Vite.

Orly Prelude to a Kiss is a smooth, thick-ish crelly that was a little bit difficult to deal with. The first coat was madly streaky and a bit bubbly, but easy to settle it in place. The second coat was a drastic improvement. Still a tiny bit streaky. I don't know if it was the weather conditions that day or the fact that I totally swamped out my sanctuary with my shower after colouring my roots. Whatever the reason, Prelude to a Kiss behaved like a bit of a butt. Thankfully, Seche Vite smoothed it out completely and it ended up pretty much flawless. The little difficulties I had with this pretty stuff isn't a deal breaker, I'll definitely wear this polish, again.

I took photographs of my polish and was looking at it and thinking how pretty it was and decided that it would be a perfect base for dots. I sifted through my stash looking for colours that I thought would work with my peach polish and chose Sinful Colors Snow Me White, Verbena and Be Happy and China Glaze Lemon Fizz. After I dotted up my nails, I topped it all off with a last thick coat of Seche Vite.

So, what do you think of Orly Prelude to a Kiss? Do you like it? Think that you might like to own it? It is in wide release, right now and available where you buy Orly.

Thank you for popping in. Have a great day and may your polish never bubble.


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