My Blog is Not Dangerous

Hey, everyone. If you see a warning for this page, It was cross posted here for Shabby Blogs which may be infected. I removed the Shabby Blogs content that was on my blog (the code for my grab button and a button) so that seems to have taken care of it. If you have my button on your blog page or any other shabby Blogs content and you get the warning, to be safe, you might want to remove it. I'll make a new button, one day with a new, safe code.


Frakking hackers and people doing stuff they have no business doing.

ETA: I am no longer receiving the warning, so removing the suspected content seems to have taken care if the problem. Sorry for the scare.


  1. I have shabby blogs contents too.  Maybe I need to delete the contents too.  I was wondering why I get a warning sign on my blog sometimes.  Can you check my blog and see it you get the warning sign so I can be sure?  Thank you so much for sharing :)

  2. Everything looks hunky-dory. No warning. I imagine that your blog is just fine. If you get that Google/Chrome warning, look at the web address of the suspect site. If you have any content from that site, click through to your blog and try removing it from your blog page. I did that and it stopped the warning. I hated to give up my grab button and my funny button but the possible danger wasn't worth the risk, to me. :)

  3. Thanks so much.  It's ashame this hacking happens sometimes :(

  4. You can say that again. Jerks. 


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