OPI Designer Series Coronation: Swatch and Review

Hello gentle readers.

Well, my husband is finally back to work and I can get back on schedule.

Today I have a sad, sad swatch for you. OPI Designer Series Coronation. This platinum diffuse holo is so lovely in person. The particles are a little more coarse and they make your nails look as if they are paved in tiny, faceted, diamond coated platinum ships. Indoors, your nails just look silvery with a glow, out in the sun the holo grabs every bit of solar radiance and fires to life in every colour a holo could ever throw. It doesn't form distinct  rainbow bands, more like arches, almost as if it were a crazy gradient but not really.

It's hard to describe. And even harder to photograph with my old, holo eating beastie of a camera. I had to heavily edit these shots to get even a hint of the true beauty of this polish and they are not good, at all. But I hope that they give you the general idea. And no, my fingers aren't really that colour in the bottom photo. :P lol I tried to boost the saturation to get some colour in these shots.

This swatch is three coats and you can see that it isn't entirely opaque. This seems best suited as a layering polish, rather than an stand alone. I swatched it this way, tho to show it as it is. The formula on this polish is very smooth and it is a delight to work with, DS Coronation didn't give me a lick of trouble, no streaks or running or dragging; it dried quickly and shiny and very sparkly. I didn't use top coat for this swatch. Didn't need it. Tho I will when I wear it.

Swatches like this frustrate the holy hell out of me, let me tell you. Sometimes I just want to strangle my camera.

So what do you think of this lovely polish? Please don't judge it by this representation. It is truly beautiful. If you are interested in picking this one up, it is discontinued but it isn't too hard to find, yet and the price on it is still really reasonable. I picked mine up from an Amazon seller and I paid below market for it. I think it is one of the DS polishes that just isn't as popular and so there are still a lot of them floating around out there. Don't let anyone rook you on the price for a bottle of Coronation. It isn't necessary to overpay for this sparkler.

I have swatching to catch up on and, I am hoping that my local Sally's is going to put out the new China Glaze neons, soon. I picked up one of the new Orly summer colours now I have my beady little eyeballs fixed on a couple of other colours from that collection, as well. And of course, China Glaze should be releasing On Safari, soon. Guh! I can't wait for that collection. That is one I may have to glom in it's entirety. Those colours look right up my alley. :D

All righ. 'Nuff nattering. You are probably so bored with it that you have either skipped most of it or your eyes are crossing and you are thinking, "Will she ever just shut up?!?!" hee hee

Thank you so much for popping in. Have a terrific day and may your polish never bubble.


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