OPI Designer Series Passion

Hello gentle readers.

'Tis Saturday. 'Tis cooler, here today. I think that we have a little low going through and it has dropped our temps substantially. A little breather before the real heat sets in, methinks.

Today I have a lovely little charmer to share with you. This is OPI Designer Series Passion. This red jelly is packed with diffuse, fine sparkling holo that just about wants to form rainbow bands but can't quite go there. I don't mind, tho because I love red and I love holo and the two together, rainbows or no make me happy.

Like most of the older DS polishes, OPI DS Passion is a little jelly, a tad sheer; I applied three coats for this swatch. Like other Designer Series polishes, it is also very shiny and I didn't need top coat for this swatch, tho I will use it when I wear this for a while.

I paid too much for this polish and I don't regret it. It is worth every penny of the fifteen dollars I plunked down on it.

These photographs were taken in the sun. I just wish that they showed the holo in it's true beauty. Which they don't. My camera is a holo eating little beast. *sigh* I tried not to over sharpen these photographs, by leaving them a little out of focus, the holo shows a little better, so please forgive if they make your eyes uncomfortable.

Frustrated, I am. You should see this lovely polish in person. Really, you should. It is just... Yeah. I don't really have carrots for fingers. Really, I don't. I just boosted the saturation in some of these shots to show the red and the holo a little better and it played hell with my skin tone. lol

OPI Designer Series Passion is a stunner and the formula on this polish is just as lovely. Smooth, silky, biddable and sweet, it flows off of that great brush, sits it's self down where it is placed and slides up the nail without streaking, dragging, clotting or bubbling. There are no diva histrionics from OPI DS polishes like those you can get from other brands of holo polishes. No special base coats are needed, no files, buffers or other special prep and application is a true pleasure. This polish dries quickly and is shiny as all get out even top coat free. 

OPI Designer Series Passion is long discontinued but you can find it here and there if you hunt. If you find it, expect to pay fifteen dollars or so for it 

I hope that my fellow Americans are all having a fun and safe Memorial Day weekend. Thank you so much for popping in, have a great day and may your polish never bubble.