OPI Kiss Me On My Tulips: Swatch and Review Plus a Bonus Comparison!

Hello gentle readers.

Happy Caturday! I had to call it Caturday. Marley is sitting in the windowsill behind me as I type this and I think that the little orange creep can read...

Today I have a pretty pink polish from the Spring OPI Holland Collection to show to you. OPI Kiss Me On My Tulips is a beautiful bright, strawberry taffy pink crelly. I love the super shiny, slightly squishy feel of this polish. This swatch is three coats and I did use top coat.

Photos shot out in the bright Arizona sun.

The formula on this polish is just about as sweet as the colour. Smooth, silky, not too thick, not too thin... Kiss Me On My Tulips flowed off of that fantastic brush and sat sweetly down where I placed it on my nails.  There was no streaking, no dragging. It didn't clot, run or try to flood my cuticles and there was no bubble nonsense, either. I didn't do much cleanup while applying, as this polish is easy to control. I had to apply three coats because the crelly nature of this polish doesn't handle my ridges very well. If you have smooth nails and apply fairly generous coats, two coats should do you just fine. Dry time on this baby is down right respectable, even with three coats of my slop it on thick as I can painting style. I have absolutely no complaints about this polish. None at all. And I think that if you are on the lookout for a sweet, bright pink that you could do a hell of a lot worse than this little stunner.

As I was painting on this polish, I got to thinking that it looked awfully familiar and I wondered if I had, when I bought this polish merely purchased a re promote of the oh so fabulous and much beloved to me OPI I'm India Mood For Love. I grabbed IIMFL and a nail wheel and got to painting, three coats of each. As you can see, below, I'm India Mood For Love, on the left, is a little deeper, cooler with a stronger blue undertone. Kiss Me On My Tulips, on the right is a little lighter, brighter, warmer. While these two polishes are similar enough that one doesn't really need both, if one does acquire both, one will not own two bottles of the exact same colour.

So, what say you of OPI Kiss Me On My Tulips? Do you own this pretty polish? Think that you might need to? It is widely available wherever OPI polish is sold.

Thank you so much for popping in, today. Have yourself a fantastic weekend and may your polish never bubble.


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