Random Stuff Sunday

Hello gentle readers.

The old Ball and Chain is on vacation until next Monday. Nine days. Together. Good times. lol

Are you in the mood for something sweet? How about some nail polish cake pops?

Are these not sweet and adorable? I knew that my lovely readers would really enjoy this photo. :D

Edited to read: Thank you, Nancy for finding and linking me to Cake Pop My Heart You can find them here! Now proper credit is paid. :D If you are in the mood for cake pops, click and go see the sweet. :D

So, tonight is an annular eclipse. I played with my camera yesterday and I think I have it set to best (for it) capture some photographs of the event and I am going to try to get me some good shots, this evening. I am so excited for that eclipse and the possibility of getting some photos of it that I thought it was last night. Tweeted about being ready for it. Facebooked to my friends the same.

Boy, was my face red when I realized that I wasn't prepared to photograph an eclipse but was, instead just an idiot who didn't know what day of the week it was. 

Oh yeah. I have some stellar moments in my life, lemme tell ya. lol

Okay. I am going to have a late brekkie and go get my ass in the shower, I have some errands to run and a 30% award at CVS to use. I am thinking a few new polishes... Maybe a new shadow or two. We'll see what they have when I get there. 

Have a great Sunday, everyone!