Revlon ColorStay Buttercup: Swatch and Review

Hello gentle readers.

Today I have a polish from the fairly new Revlon ColorStay line. One polish colour that I really get a kick out of is a great, soft yellow. I saw this polish in my local CVS and I thought that it might make a nice addition to my handful of yellow polishes.

I don't know about nice...

I have no complaint with the colour. This polish is a soft, creamy pale yellow. This is the kind of colour I like to see on kitchen walls or swirled, in thick, sweet buttercream all over a cake. This yellow is fluffy baby chicks and the first daffodils of early Spring.

For this swatch, I applied three coats and top coat. These photographs were taken in full sun.

How I wish that the formula on this polish were as sweet and lovable as the colour. Sadly, it is not. I had to apply three coats to get this polish opaque and fairly streak free and this baby fought me every inch of the way. It dragged and streaked and pulled bald spots, it ran and pooled stubbornly on my cuticles and even had the nerve, after all that to bubble as it dried. Thank heaven for Seche Vite. It was the saving grace, for this swatch, as it melted and smoothed the polish and made it look much better than it did, before I applied it. Dry time on this polish is decent, Seche Vite definitely helped.

I liked the brush that is included with this line. It is flat, slightly wider than your typical round brush and the bottom edge is curved, to help assist in painting a neat, smooth gap curve. The brush in this particular polish was in need of a little trim, as it had a bad spot, so I cleaned it off and grabbed my scissors and solved the problem. As you probably know, I am a bit of a hardass when it comes to polish brushes and I didn't appreciate one bit having to trim the one in this polish. No, I did not. I think that if a company is going to demand around seven dollars for a bottle of nail polish, especially a drugstore nail polish, that pettyfogging brush had better be about as perfect as it can get.

Do I recommend this polish? Yes, with reservation. Revlon ColorStay in Buttercup isn't the best yellow polish I have ever laid my hands on, but it certainly isn't the worst. This polish needs to be applied carefully and topped with a good top coat that will melt and smooth it out to give that lovely finish that we all love so much. Since I use top coat, anyway, the somewhat difficult formula is a minor irritant, it isn't a deal breaker.

Will I buy polishes from this line, again? Probably. This line has a pretty nice sized selection tho the colours, while pretty, aren't all that unique. I currently own one other polish from this line and it is a beaut, both in colour and formula so yes, if I catch a good sale and preferably have coupons, I would pick up more colours from this line. I will say that I don't think that this line equals the other "regular" Revlon line either in colour selection or formula.

Revlon ColorStay polish is available at drugstores and other mass market-type places and online. In my area, it runs in the seven dollar per bottle range. I live in an area where prices tend to run on the high side, prices do vary by location, the price may be lower where you live. I do feel that for a drugstore polish, the price point is really pushing the envelope. I can buy Orly and China Glaze for less, at my local Sally Beauty Supply. Two brands with superior formulas and much larger and more unique colour selections. If I am going to buy polishes for that price, I would much rather have the China Glaze and the Orly. Sorry, Revlon. That is just the harsh reality.

Do you own this polish or any others from this line? What do you think of them? Like them? Meh? I'd like to hear your thoughts.

Thank you for popping in. Have a terrific day and may your polish never bubble.

Oh, hai! I guess that I should publish this. lol I was just about done and I got sidetracked. I had to go to use the bathroom and while I downstairs, I decided to just go ahead and jump in the shower and as I turned the water on, I decided to clarify my hair and do a treatment with my new Babyface protein treatment (if you would like a review, let me know) so I mixed that up, got my shower done, hair clarified and coated in moisture and protein then I decided to make a second cup of coffee and put my brekkie together. So, finally, I am sitting here, my head slathered in goop under my heating cap, breakfast of coffee, yoghurt and cantaloupe at my elbow, finishing this up by yapping about things no one could possibly be in the least bit interested. :P Okay, I am going to post this now.


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