Sinful Colors Kissy: Swatch and Review

Hello gentle readers. Reader discretion is advised; this post contains content that may be disturbing to those who are sensitive to images of  nekkid nails.

Today I have a pretty but naughty polish to share with you. Sinful Colors Kissy is an intensely pigmented blue jelly packed with gold glass fleck that dances, shimmers and shifts this polish from blue to blue-y green and green. This polish is a sister to other similar polishes like Essence Choose Me, OPI Catch Me In Your Net and Zoya Charla. Sinful Colors Kissy shifts a bit more strongly green than some of the others do but it is definitely a sister.

For this swatch I applied three coats and top coat. And yes, I am back to using my old camera. :)

Sinful Colors Kissy is a pure pleasure to apply; the formula on this polish is very nice, it flows easily off the brush and sits sweetly down where it is placed. I had no difficulties with streaking or running or pooling on my cuticles. I think I picked up my cleanup brush to do a little fussbudget refining, a couple of times. This polish dries fairly fast without bubbling. So far, so good, hmmm?

Well... Sadly, this pretty, easy to work with, swiftly drying polish does have a flaw. You see, it is a pretty intensely pigmented blue jelly base and as you know, some polishes of that ilk tend to stain. Some a little, some, a lot. Sadly, this one was a lot. Now, I expect a little skin staining and maybe a tiny bit of colour left behind on the nails when wearing a blue jelly, especially when I remove it. I removed the polish from my index and middle nails as I normally do and, hello Mama Smurf. So, I thought that I would outsmart it and soak it off my ring and pinkie nails and...

I got this:

Uhhh... Yeah. Ew.

The remover must have released the Kraken pigments within the polish and it stained my nails pretty badly. Happily, the stains on my skin disappeared fast, after a little acetone and hand washing and the stains on my nails were gone by the time I finished my swatching session. (I had my China Glaze Prismatic collection to get in the can. I am in the process of editing those photos, now.)

I am a little disappointed in Sinful Colors Kissy. I expected a tiny bit of blue left behind, as must blue jellies do stain a bit but this was, in my opinion an unacceptable amount of staining. Do I recommend this polish? No. As pretty as it is, there are other polishes in this same vein that don't leave so much of themselves behind when being removed. I will probably responsibly dispose of this polish, eventually as I won't be using it, again.

Do you own Sinful Colors Kissy? Did it stain you as it did me? Do you still wear it? If you are interested in acquiring this polish, it is part of the Sinful Colors core line. I bought my bottle at my local Walgreen's.

Thank you so much for popping in and reading. Have a great day and may your polish never bubble.


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