Swatch and Review: Loreal Pink Carat

Hello gentle readers.

Last week I was cruising through the beauty section at my local CVS. Well, okay. I wasn't exactly cruising. I was actually camped out. Not an uncommon sight. Me. Camped out in the beauty sections of my local stores. Don't you dare judge me. I know that you all do the same thing.

Anywhoozles, I was perusing the new Loreal Summer makeup and polish display. I was tempted to grab one of the new bronzers but I decided to pass and bought two of the polishes, instead. There was a pad of two dollar off tear off coupons on the display so I grabbed two to make the polishes even more affordable. I chose two creamy brights: Precious Coral, a burnt orang-y coral creme and Pink Carat, a bright pink/coral creme.

I decided to wear Pink Carat the other day and proceeded to apply it to my nails. I liked the colour, straight away. I have never been the biggest fan of coral, in the past but lately, I seem to have become obsessed with it. I have an increasing number of coral polishes and I am even thinking of buying a coral lipstick or two. Maybe a couple of glosses, a nice blush... Back on task, Erika. Loreal Pink Carat is, as I said earlier, a bright pinky coral creme. It is bright and rich and oh, so pretty. This is two coats, topped with Seche Vite.

Ah... I love this colour. Too bad that my affection didn't extend to the formula.

The formula on Loreal Pink Carat is, in a word, awful; thick and gloopy and sticky. Almost gluey. This polish kicked and screamed and fought me every inch of the way while I applied it. It dragged and streaked and bubbled. It didn't run or pool on my cuticles, probably because it was so frakking thick. This stuff was like concrete. It sat down where I placed it with that I love it! brush but I almost needed heavy equipment to smooth it down. By the time I had two miserable coats on, it didn't look too great. Happily, good old Seche Vite went on, melted it down and smoothed it out to the point that it could be worn. If not examined up too close.

Dry time for this polish, with Seche Vite was actually very respectable. I was surprised at how quickly it dried, considering how think and snotty it was. Wear time for this polish was abysmal. I applied it late in the afternoon and by mid morning the next day it was chipping.

This polish was a huge disappointment. The colour is very pretty but it isn't anything unique or something that I can't find in a much better quality formula from another brand. If Pink Carat had lasted a few days, I might have tried to correct the formula a little. But considering that it wears for about twelve hours before it starts chipping like crazy, it wasn't worth my while. I returned this polish and it's sister, Precious Coral, which I didn't even bother swatching. I put the money toward buying a couple of pretty new Essie polishes on Amazon.

I can't, in good conscience recommend this polish. It is terrible and there are so many brands out there that give beautiful coral with a far superior formula and performance. I need to remember not to be sucked in by the pretty Loreal displays. I like a lot of their makeup items but their polish is almost always a huge wah-wah-wah for me.

Do you own this polish? If so, did you have better luck with it than I did? Do you also get suckered by the pretty displays and coupon tear pads and buy polishes that you know are going to break your heart?

Thank you so much for popping in. Have a terrific day, all and may your polish never bubble.