Nail Fail

Hello gentle readers.

Today I have a nail fail to share with you. I don't know what I was thinking when I did this mani. Oh, wait. Yes I do. I was thinking that I needed to paint my nails in such a way that I am guaranteed to want to toss my cookies every time I look at my nails.

Nice. Really nice.

I started out with China Glaze Pink Plumaria from their Summer Neon Collection. Hmmm... Not bad. Very pretty, actually. But, -and here is where the insanity set in- I decided that bright, shimmery pink neon on it's own wasn't quite bright and eye catching enough. What to do? Stamp? Nope. Not in the mood. Dots? Seriously? You just did dots, you boring old biotch. Roses? Yeah. Right. Stripes? Are you kidding me?

I know!

Glitter! Glitter will make me happy. Glitter is easy. Glitter is sparkly. Glitter is happiness.

And not just any glitter. Oh, no. I need to use Orly Brave. Yes, indeedy. Top a shimmery neon pink with purple/pink shifting holographic bar glitter.

Check it out.

This mess actually photographed a little better than it looked in person. Seriously, this mani looked like chunks of the Barbie Dream Bed coated in holo dipped cat hair.

Glurgh! *shudder*

Please don't misunderstand me. Both of these are lovely polishes (I have reviews on both coming up soon), great looking on their own or paired with the right mate but to my eye, they aren't pretty together.

I think I'm going to hurl.

As I said, earlier, full reviews of these polishes (separate, of course!) are upcoming.

Do you own either of these polishes? Both? Did you do a vomit inducing manicure with them? Do tell.

Thank you so much for popping in. Have a great weekend and may your polish never bubble.

Fun With Dotting Tools: A Tutorial

Hello gentle readers.

Damn it all, anyway. This was supposed to post on Friday. What the hell did I do? Okay, this is friday's post, posted Thursday night. Gah! I am such an idiot, sometimes!

Fingers requested a dotting tutorial and I have finally gotten to doing and photographing one. I am sorry that it took me so long to get to this. But I am glad to do it, it was actually kind of fun.

Okay, so... Dotting. It is easy. Fun. Dotting is one of the few nail art forms I think that I can do with any degree of success so I do it. A lot. As I said, dotting is easy and it is fast, if you don't have a ton of time to do nail art, dots can gussy up your tips in short order.

You only need a few things to do dotting:

A dotting tool, of course. You can find sets and individual tools for not a lot of money at beauty supply stores and online. If you can't afford them, can't find them locally or order them, you can make dotting tools out of simple objects around your home. A pencil with an eraser and a straight pin with the round glass heads; run the pin into the eraser and you have a dotting tool. If you have pins with different size heads, you have different sizeed dotting tools! You can also use a straightened bobby pin with the rubber tip left on, again, if you have different sizes, you have different size4ed dotting tools. Toothpicks, wood skewers with points... Heck, even old metal knitting needles would work; different sizes would form different size dots. Just be sure to test them in a little polish and acetone or remover, first to be sure that they will be safe to use. Use your imagination.

Polish. Choose a bunch of colours that all work together and please your eye. I like to go whole hog and use a base colour and at least five or six dot colours. But do what works for you. Use two or three or a dozen... Play with it and make it what makes you happy. Play with finishes, textures, light and dark.

A little thingy of acetone or remover for cleanup and cleaning your dotting tool as you work.. I use my acetone bottle cap, one I salvaged from an empty bottle, it is the perfect size for cleanup and so on, and your cleanup brush.

You will also need a palette of some kind on which to plop your polish puddles. I use pieces of hair foils that I knock into quarters and stack in huge stacks in a plastic bag for soaking off glitter. You can also use a folded piece of paper, a paper plate, a polish safe artist's palette. Again, use your imagination and work with what you have.

The colours I used for this tutorial were: Sinful Colors Beautiful Girl (base), Hazard, Greek Isles, Fly Away,Verbena and Snow Me White as well as China Glaze Lemon Fizz. 

Some of the things you need. Sorry about the yellow. It was late afternoon and the light was golden and I need to learn how to white balance my camera. If it can be dome with that old carthorse. 

Plop some polish in a small puddle out of the bottle onto your palette.  Use about a brush or two full, at a time. Don't put out too much, as the polish starts to dry in a short time and will get gummy. If that happens, you will need to put out fresh polish. Dotting is easiest and cleanest with fresh, fluid polish so don't try to stretch gummy, drying polish. Get out some more. 

Start by picking up a little polish on the rounded part of your dotting tool and set it down squarely on the tip and lift up. Don't use too much pressure, but do use enough to deposit the colour. As you lift the tool, the polish will mound slightly. This is normal. If it peaks, clots, makes a string, it is too gloopy, get out some fresh polish. This part takes a little practice to get the feel for it. But you will pick it up very quickly. 

Start with the first colour you want to use and lay down some dots. You should be able to make two or three dots before you have to reload your tool. Depending on the size of the nail, how much coverage you want and so forth, the number of dots will vary. Do this by eye, don't count. Unless you are just really anal, like that. I just go by eye, myself. 

Move on to the next colour and repeat. As you dot, you might find the polish on your tool getting a little sticky. Wipe it off on your paper towel, swirl it in acetone to clean it off, then dry it and dip back into the polish. I do this about every three reloads or so. Again, just go by feel. If the polish is starting to goop, the dots are getting too big, the polish is stringy, clean off and reload. And maybe get out some fresh polish. 

Add more colours. Vary the number of dots and placement from colour to colour. Allow the dots to overlap one another a bit, let the size vary naturally, as well. Don't worry too much if dots of the same colour are close together, in the mass of colour, it doesn't really matter. Unless, again, you are really anal about that kind of thing. Then just place your colour to best please your own eye. This is your nail art, do it to make you happy.

Keep going until you have used all of your colours and you have the dot coverage that you want. You can cover the whole nail, leaving some base or none showing, just do tips, or the bottom curve or half the nail... Use your imagination and go with whatever feels right and looks good to you. Once you have enough dots and are happy with the way it looks, grab your cleanup brush and do cleanup, if needed (I rarely need to, but I do, on occasion). Let the dots dry for a minute or two to help prevent streaking or running and apply your top coat. The dots, which were somewhat domed will likely flatten out and be smooth. But not always. Depends on the thickness of the polish and if you build dot on dot. Let your nails dry and there you have it. Crazy dots. Now, wasn't that easy? I told you so. 

This is a design I did off the cuff on a gradient fail practice nail. As you can see, you can stack different sizes and colours to make different designs. Some of the tiny white dots are too big... This is what happens when you let the polish build up on the dotting tool too much. These dots stayed rounded, after top coat because they were stacked up and thicker.

So, there you have it. A dotting tutorial. I hope that this was helpful. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to shoot me a comment and I will get back to you and answer it, if I can.

Thank you so much for popping in. Have a great Friday and may your polish never bubble.

The dotting tools used in this post were sent to me for review. A long time ago. 

Sally Hansen X-Treme Wear Purple Pizzazz: Swatch and Review

Hello gentle readers.

I have, in the last couple of years gone from avoiding purple polish like the plague to embracing and seeking it out. I have become a fan. For a long time, I bought into that "beauty rule" that told me that women of my age have no business wearing different, bright or funky colours. Bah! To hell with beauty rules! If you are forty-something or fifty-something or eighty, for that matter, wear what you like! Seriously, kids, life is too frakking short to listen to a gaggle of "experts" telling us that once we celebrate some set birthday, whether it is 25, 35 or 50 we are obligated to chop off all of our hair, dye our greys, put aside shimmer, beautiful colours and glitter polish and fade quietly into obscurity. I cry shenanigans. We are just as valuable, just as relevant at ninety as we are at nineteen. I am not going to fade into the background and give my place in this world to anyone. I am not going to allow a tall poppy to overshadow me and if I want to wear purple polish and shimmery eyeshadow at 47, I am damned well going to do so.

So there.

Okay, stepping off my soapbox, now.

Stepping off to show you one of the prettiest purple polishes I have met in a long time. I am sure that you are well acquainted with this little beauty but in case you are not, allow me to introduce Sally Hansen X-Treme Wear in Purple Pizzazz. This glowingly pretty translucent deep purple ***smooooke on the waaaaater... da, da, da... dunt, dunt, du du...*** ~sorry about that, I was having a moment~ is packed with colour shifting rose/copper mini flakies. Yeah. It's pretty.

For this swatch I applied three coats and top coat and shot these photos in the sun.

Ugh! These photos. They were the best of the bunch. Sorry about the focus issues. Every time I went out to shoot my swatches, the wind would come up and hit me full on, causing mean camera shake. I'm surprised that I actually go any usable shots that day, at all. Mother Nature must have been pissed at me, for some reason. I swear, the wind would be quiet until I went out my door, posed my hand and lifted my camera then, woosh!

Sally Hansen X-Treme Wear in Purple Pizzazz is a jelly, smooth, squishy and translucent, it also has some of the formula issues a jelly can have; it applies a little streaky on the first coat and it dragged a couple of bald spots. Subsequent coats went on perfectly, tho and it was opaque and danged near flawless by the third coat. There is a bit of tip pull, again a jelly thing, it doesn't bother me too much and wrapping the tips definitely reduces that a good bit. Dry time is about average for this polish and it didn't bubble on me. I had to adjust to the long wand in this polish but once I got the feel for it, I was just fine.

What say you about Sally Hansen Purple Pizzazz? Like it? Want it? I think that Purple Pizzazz is part of the Sally Hansen core line. My local drugstores hold frequent sales on this brand and I am always finding coupons in my Sunday paper too, making this brand extremely affordable.  Sally Hansen X-Treme Wear is, overall a good quality polish with a wide shade range and interesting finishes. I like this line and own quite a few polishes from it.

Thank you for popping in and reading. Have yourself a great rest of your Thursday and may your polish never bubble.

OPI Swimsuit... Nailed It! Swatch and Review

Hello gentle readers.

So, who is a pageant fan? I am not so much. Nothing against them, really. They just bore me. I liked them when I was a teenager. I never missed a Miss America Pageant but I outgrew my fascination with them as I passed out of my teens.

I haven't lost my fascination for nail polish, tho. Especially polish that is made up of royal blue micro glitter swimming in a deep blue jelly base. This polish looks like a blue foil to the casual eye but up close you can see down into the darkness between the glitter particles that gives this polish incredible depth and dimension. There is a hint of duochrome to this polish and it really freaked out my poor old camera.

I applied two coats and top coat for this swatch and shot it in the sun.

This is like... Soooo gorgeous. So is the formula. OPI Swimsuit... Nailed It! applied beautifully; it went on smooth and easy, no dragging ro streaking or bubbles happened. I had not much cleanup with this polish as it is so easy to control. I like that. A lot. Dry time is quick and this polish dries more matte than normal polishes, a good top coat is needed for maximum shine and sparkle.

One little work of caution: Use a good base coat. A couple of coats, in fact and be very careful in how you remove this polish. Don't scrub and swirl it all over the place with your remover soaked cotton. When I did this swatch, I skipped base coat and was wild with how I took it off and it made me pay, this polish Smurfed my ass. Well, my fingers, anyway. It stained my nails and fingers. Happily, my nails were clear of it after a couple of swatches and plenty of remover and I used acetone on my skin and washed my hands and got rid of the blue there. I am not knocking this polish, I knew better than to be careless. Blue polish, especially very pigmented blue polish stains a bit. It is just the nature of the beast. Just remember that and treat this stuff with respect.

So, what do you think of the oh-so-beautiful OPI Swimsuit... Nailed It! Do you love it? Not so much? If you are in the mood to paint your tips or toes with this beautiful hue, it is still pretty easy to find. I got mine on Amazon. You can check E-Bay and various beauty supplies and the like.

Thank you for stopping by and reading. Have a terrific day and may your polish never bubble.

OPI Pink Friday: Swatch and Review

Hello gentle readers.

Today I have a beautiful pink polish to share with you. Say hello to OPI Pink Friday from the Spring Nicki Minaj Collection. I didn't think that I would get any polishes from that collection, mainly because I have attitude about celebrity collaborations so imagine my shock when I ended up buying three. I have already shown the other two, the final one is Pink Friday, a sweet, slightly edgy blue based whitened pink creme. This is pink with a touch of bad girl. It is modern but has a sixties mod kind of feel to it. I really, really like this colour. I applied three coats for this swatch and topped it, out of necessity with Seche Vite.

See what I mean about this shade? It is just fantastic. Too bad the formula isn't so fantastic. I don't usually have difficulty with OPI polishes, not even cremes but Pink Friday was just as bratty as it is pink. This polish dragged, went streaky, pulled bald spots and required three coats and a thick topper of Seche Vite to get it to the point that I could photograph it. I was not amused. I am not giving up on it, tho. Sometimes, I have difficulty with a polish then try it again and it behaves like a darling so before I consign Pink Friday to the Land of Bratty Polishes, I will give it another chance. I may hit it with a bit of thinner and see if that makes it a little more biddable. I am planning to do that with some of my Essies, so I can do this one at the same time.

I really, really want the formula on this polish to work out for me in the end because this is one of my favourite pinks on my collection and I want to wear it. And love it. And enjoy it. If I have to fuss with it and play with the formula a little to do so, I will.

What do you think of Pink Friday? Do you own it? Love it? Does it behave well for you? If you are interested in acquiring it for yourself, it should still be available, here and there. The last time I perused OPI on Amazon, I saw a listing for it at a good price and you should be able to find it on E-Bay and in some stores.

Thank you so much for popping in and reading. Have a great day and may your polish never bubble.

Wanna Enter a Giveaway?

The fabulous Fingers is hosting a giveaway of beautiful Elevation polishes. Glitter... Duochrome... Gorgeous colours... Oh, yeah.

Check out the booty to be had:

If you would like to enter, just click this link and get to it. While you are at it, if you haven't yet, spend a little time perusing the fabulous that is Fingers and her beautiful signature nails. Then stalk follow her. Trust me, you'll love her blog.

Go on, get over there. Do I have to sic my cat on you? Go.

Random Stuff Sunday

Summer in Arizona.

Found this floating around on Facebook. 

'Nuff said. lolol

Have a great Sunday.

Bobbi Brown Corrector: Review and Photographs

Hello gentle readers.

Fair warning before I get started: If photographs of old broads without makeup are upsetting to you, if they offend your delicate flower eyes, turn around and run. Now. 'Cause I am old. At 47 I have some lines around my eyes, loose skin, hooded lids and uneven skin tone. In spite of those things, I like makeup. I use it and I like to talk about it and am going to do so, here. 

Today, I am talking about Bobbi Brown Corrector. I am on a perpetual hunt for something. Anything. That will correct, conceal and brighten my dark under eye circles. Thanks in part to heredity; a gift from my paternal grandmother, (some grandmothers pass down to their granddaughters money, houses, antiques... Mine passed down to me her dark circles and her boobs. Thanks a lot, Amie. lol) and in part to year round indoor/outdoor allergies, I have seriously nasty dark circles. I have tried a wide variety of concealers, correctors, brighteners, powders and potions to kill them and have, in moments of desperation, considered getting a burqa to cover those suckers up. 

 I have heard and read good things about the Bobbi Brown Corrector and when I was in the Valley, last week I was cruising through Dillard's and stumbled upon a Bobbi Brown counter. I remembered, as I was about to breeze on past that I really, really wanted to try their under eye corrector. So, I put on the brakes and with the assistance of the very friendly and decidedly not snobby sales associate and several samples to swatch (on my hand, I do not put the contents of testers on my face, ever.) settled on the shade Light Peach thinking that it would best suit my fair but not porcelain complexion. I forked over twenty-four dollars and change after tax, the most I have ever paid for a concealer type product and high tailed it out of there, gleefully clutching the cure (I hoped) to the darkness that resides below my peepers. 

 Bobbi Brown Corrector. $22.00 US for 1/2 ounce of product. Available wherever Bobbi Brown cosmetics are sold. 

 Bobbi Brown Corrector is Light Peach. It photographed a little darker than it is, in person. This is a lightweight, pigmented cream in a peach tone that is designed to correct the blue/purple discolouration of dark under eye circles. 

 My under eye area, minus makeup. Scary, I know. lol My camera and the light coming in through my window actually lightened up my under eye area a good bit. The darkness under my eyes is a lot deeper than  in these photos.

 Right eye. (I don't know what that thing under my eye was. I flicked it off, after I took these photos. It is gone, in later shots.) Look at that deep darkness. 

 Left eye. I just had some eye cream and moisturizer on in these shots.

 After applying the Bobbi Brown Corrector to my under eye area. In bright light, my dark circles appear to be corrected and brightened to a fair degree but they are still pretty clearly visible in these photos and were even more obvious, in person.

After patting on an additional brightener (Maybelline Age Rewind Anti Dark Circle Brightener), to try to amp up the corrector and makeup application. As you can see, my dark circles are still clearly visible. *sigh* Fail. 

In case you are curious, my eye shadow is from the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette, Urban Decay 24/7 Glide  On Pencil in Gunmetal, Maybelline Lash Discovery on bottom lashes, Revlon 3D Volume on top lashes. Yes, I draw on my brows. It's a long story. If you want to know why, just ask, I'll tell it. :)

What I liked about the Bobbi Brown Corrector:

  Nice packaging. Sleek, black plastic and a nice little mirror inside the compact.
  The consistency is light, creamy and very smooth. It felt weightless and comfortable on my skin.
  Good pigmentation and there is a pretty wide shade range to suit many different skin tones.
  The corrector applied smoothly and easily, it didn't glob into under eye lines (there was a little settling, but once I smoothed it back out, it didn't settle, again.) and it stayed where it was placed. 
  Long wear. This corrector stayed in place all day with little fading and it didn't turn into a creased up mess.

What I didn't like about the Bobbi Brown Corrector:

 Sadly, it just didn't work for me. This corrector doesn't have enough pigmentation to handle my very difficult dark circles. 
 Perhaps a deeper shade of peach might work but I think that the Peach would be a bit too dark and that would defeat the point of using a corrector/brightener. 

I think that the Bobbi Brown Corrector would work great for someone who has missed a few hours of sleep or partied a little too hearty the night before and has light to moderate dark circles but for someone like me, with two black holes of Calcutta under my eyes, it just doesn't have enough pigmentation to correct what I need it to. I returned this corrector and my search for my Holy Grail Dark Circle Killer continues. If you have any suggestions, I am all ears. I am open to a splurge (to a point) if the stuff actually does the job for me. 

Thank you so much for popping in and reading. I hope that you wont mind my periodic meanderings into beauty products other than nail polish. I thought about starting another blog for such stuff but to be honest, I just don't have it in me to run three blogs. So my nails will just have to share the limelight, from time to time. 

Orly Rock the World: Swatch and Review

Hello gentle readers.

Happy Friday. Cripes! It's Friday, already! Where the heck did this week go, I ask you?

Today I have another stunning Orly polish to share with you. This is Rock the World from their Fall 2011 Mineral FX Collection. I really fell hard for that collection. I have five of the six and Rock Coco a Go Go is in my cart along with a few other goodies at Beauty dot com waiting for me to pull the trigger. I'll do that, soon. Then I will have all of them.

Another collection, completed. *sigh if happiness*

Orly Rock the World is a slightly red toned royal purple jelly base packed with duochrome glass fleck shimmer. This polish glows purple and gold, two colours that in my not so humble opinion were born to go together. Rock the World is just as beautiful as the rest of the polishes in this collection.

This swatch is two coats and is topped with top coat.

 Just look at that sparkle and shine in the sun. The sparkle ate my camera while I was photographing it. 

In the shade. Is it just me or is this just as pretty in the shade as it is in the sun? It looks like Merlot with gold floating all over the surface. 

Orly Rock the World was a pleasure to apply for this swatch. The formula is just lovely. As packed as it is with shimmer, it is fluid and smooth and so very biddable. I didn't do a lot of cleanup and I didn't have to fight or fuss with it. I just dropped it at my cuticle, swished it up my nails, and bam! Perfect. This dried quickly with a fast dry top coat. 

Do you own this beautiful polish? Think that you might like to? It was a limited edition but it is still pretty easy to find. I bought mine from an Amazon seller and it was a bit below normal asking price, including shipping. Again, while this was a LE polish, it isn't rare or hard to find if you look around a bit so don't let anyone rook you on the price. 

Okay, I must motor. Busy day. I have stuff to do and swatches to paint and photograph. I think that I am going to be doing a few beauty posts, in the very near future. I have a few products I would like to yap about. One for which I had such high hopes and it just broke my poor little heart. 

Thank you so much for popping in. Have yourself a great day and may your polish never bubble. 

New Bundle Monster Stamping Plate Collection for 2012 Available Now!

Hello gentle readers.

After weeks of anticipation and teasers, the new Bundle Monster stamping plates are now available, they can be ordered from Bundle Monster and they can also be ordered from Amazon. I ordered my set today from Amazon.

There are twenty-five plates and 150 new designs. There are some really fun looking new images to choose from and play with and I can't wait to receive my set.

Have you ordered your set of plates? Are you excited to receive them and start stamping all of those fun new images on your nails?

What are you waiting for? Go order your plates. Go on.

Orly Space Cadet: Swatch and Review

Hello gentle readers.

As most of you probably know, I am an absolute fiend for any polishes that are full of shimmery, duochrome goodness. Imagine my delight when I finally, just recently acquired Orly Space Cadet from their 2010 Cosmic FX Collection. I have been lemming this polish since the first whispers of this collections hit the blogwaves, way back in early 2010. I finally ordered it from Amazon and boy, am I ever glad that I did. This polish is full of win.

A dark bluey-green jelly swims with duochrome glass fleck that shifts purple and green, even flashes of gold, pink and a hint of blue. When you put your nails close together, they reflect and fire off one another in beautiful green flashes. This polish sparkles, glows, dances and shimmers madly, delightedly in the sun and it doesn't look so bad in shade and indoors, either.

This swatch is two coats and no top coat. Just didn't need it. It may look a little sheer in these shots, in person you don't see that unless you are scrutinizing it out in direct sun. I don't mind it, if it bugs you, a quick third coat would make that go away. These are sunshine shots.

Oh my. Just look at the shift, the sparkle, the way my nails fire that bright green where they reflect off one another. *sigh*

Why did I wait so long to acquire this beautiful. polish? I am happy that I finally have it and, it was worth the wait, both because of how it looks and the formula. The formula... Is... Splendid. Smooth for a glass fleck, easy to handle and apply, this baby flows off the brush, sits sweetly down where it is placed, slips up the nail and stays put. There is no raggle baggle with this polish; no dragging, streaking, running, pooling, bubbling or other such nonsense. Dry time is reasonably decent. A good fast dry top coat would improve that even more. I skipped top coat for this swatch as it just wasn't necessary but when I wear this beauty, I will use it.

So, what do you think about Orly Space Cadet? Like it? Do you own it? If you think that you might like to, it is available. Space Cadet was part of a limited edition collection but if you look for it, you can still find it. I purchased mine from an Amazon seller and, with shipping paid just about regular retail, which for this collection was ten dollars a bottle, US. Fair enough, in my opinion for a discontinued, LE polish. Shop around and you should find just as good a deal. Don't let anyone rook you into paying an outrageous amount, mmmkaaay? It isn't necessary. Not yet.

Thank you so much for popping in and reading. Have yourself a wonderful day and may your polish never bubble.

Essie A-Crewed Interest: Swatch and Review

Hello gentle readers.

I have some time to write a post. Yippee!

Today I have Essie A-Crewed Interest for your perusal. A flattering, easy to wear pink leaning peach crelly, Essie A-Crewed Interest is so pretty; creamy, rich and delicious to look at as peach ice cream. Talk about your perfect Summer polish colour.

This swatch is three coats and top coat shot out in the sun.

Where do I start with this part of the review? With something positive; the colour. Unfortunately, that is all I can like about this polish. The formula on this is just wretched. It was streaky on all three coats, It wanted to glob up, run, pool, drag and it bubbled, too. Top Coat helped to melt and smooth it a little but it never did smooth out completely. 

I realize that I have been pretty hard on Essie, lately. Not, in my opinion without cause. I am not trashing this brand. I don't believe in trashing polishes or brands, even when the polish is an unmitigated disaster, I try to find something positive, something nice to say about it. And I have tried to find the nice in my recent Essie acquisitions. I love the colours, the soft, ladylike quality of the shades and tones, the bottles and the brand cache. But if those things aren't backed up by solid, high quality formula that applies beautifully and wears well, what the heck good is a marquis name, pretty colours and great bottles? I don't know abut you but these polishes are too expensive for me to use them as paperweights or artwork. I am sad to say that until Essie turns things around with their formula, I am going to have to pass on their polishes. I just can't afford to pay eight dollars for one difficult, sub quality swatch, over and over again. 

I received so much good feedback on my last Essie post; I heard from those of you who, like me have a lot of difficulty with this brand and I also heard from gals who have no problem with it and for whom Essie behaves perfectly. Beauty products are funny animals, not all of them suit everyone and perhaps a match between me and Essie just isn't meant to be. If Essie does work for you, I am truly happy for you, continue to enjoy this beautiful line of polishes. 

Do you own Essie A-Crewed Interest? Love it? Did it drive you as batty as it did me? If you are interested in buying this polish, it is available in stores and online, now. 

Thank you so much for popping in and reading. Have a great day and may your polish never bubble. 

Random Stuff Sunday

Hello gentle readers.

Edited to add an update:

First order of business, I had to dump my blogroll. Not because I am some elitist, I'm-too-good-for-everyone-and-I-don't-need-them-hotshot but because there seems to be something nasty in the blogroll gadget that is going around and infecting blogs. I have been getting warnings on more and more blogs, over the last few days, blogs that belong to people who I know would never indulge in that kind of chicanery. For the safety of this blog, on which I have worked so hard and the safety of my computer, I deleted my blogroll widget. I will need to learn how to use the dashboard/reader thingy, so if you don't get a hello from me for a bit, it isn't that I don't care, it's that I don't know what the heck I am doing, as I have never used that feature before.

Okay, let's have a little fun, now. :D

Who among us can't sing this song?

See you all tomorrow.

Orly Jealous Much? Swatch and Review

Hello gentle readers.

Happy Saturday! The weekend is here and it is time to have some fun. Let's have some fun with a newer Spring polish from Orly, shall we? This is the lovely, creamy, soft, pale mint green crelly with a slight grey undertone. Man, this is pretty polish. I put this on to swatch it and, had I been done for the day I would have chosen to wear it. I applied three coats and used top coat. Photographs of this swatch were shot out in the sun.

Orly Jealous Much? was pretty nice to apply. The first coat went on a little thin and streaky and sheer. But by coat number three, I had a smooth, opaque, deliciously squishy-like finish. There was no running or pooling, it didn't drag or give me any other trouble. There is a big, fat bubble on my middle finger, that is courtesy of my top coat.

I am so pleased with this pretty, delicate polish and it's formula. I may have to get a couple more from this collection.

Do you own any of the Spring Orly polishes? What do you think of them? Like them? If you are interested in buying some for yourself, they are in stores and online, now.

Thank you for taking a little of your Saturday to hang out with me. Have a wonderful weekend and may your polish never bubble.

Essie Camera: Swatch and Review

Hello gentle readers.

Fair warning: Buckle up, kiddies, it's going to be a long, bumpy ride.

I would like to begin with something that I saw online and when I saw it, it made me lose my shit. This made me absolutely sick when I read it and saw the images. This is not fashion, it is not chic and it is certainly not art. It is just disgusting.

Care to take a gander at a new Essie polish? This is Camera from the new Poppy*Razzi Collection. Essie Camera is a bright orange toned pink neon jelly. Holy monkey this polish is pretty. It is eye popping bright, squishy and juicy. I love this colour.

Too bad I don't feel that way about the formula.

I'll talk more about that, after the photographs. For this swatch, I applied three coats and used top coat. Photos were shot in the sun.

This polish freaked my camera out. That poor thing just about cracked in half trying to capture this polish. It did a pretty craptastic job. The colour is more accurate in the bottle in the first photograph. The polish on my nails pulled more to the orange side of things. I know that others have shown this polish to much better advantage and I considered skipping this post but I needed to talk about the formula.

Oh. The formula.

Essie, what the high holy hell is going on? Why the beautiful colours and the terrible formulas? The formula on this polish was an epic pain in my ass. Coat one: Nasty. Streaky. Uneven, wanted to run. I tried to apply a thinner coat than I usually do and it dragged and pulled bald spots. Coat two: Started applying a little thicker and it went on a little more smooth but it started bubbling like a mo-fo. Coat three, finally opaque and smooth, if still bubbly as anything. I applied Seche Vite to melt and kill the bubbles and thankfully, it did it's job and I was able to take photographs of this polish. One good thing about this stuff was the dry time. Like most neons, this stuff dries faster and a bit satin matte, to get it squishy and shiny, a good top coat is needed.

If this polish is indicative of the rest of this collection, I will be passing on it. You know, I just don't grok what Essie thinks they are doing, here. Lately, the majority of the polishes I have purchased from them have been, for lack of a better word, crap. Granted, I don't own a huge ton of Essie polishes, maybe I am just loving and buying the few duds? I don't know. I mean, others seem to love this brand with an almost slavish devotion. There is a lot I like about Essie; the stellar rep as a high end polish, the beautiful colour palette, the soft, ladylike quality of their polishes, even the darker and "edgier" colours have that quality. Hell, I even like the bottles. I'm not in love with the brushes; those skinny little things, I need a lot of strokes to cover my not petite nails. But I can live with them.

I can't live with the nasty, difficult formulas. I just can't. Essie is a hot shot brand, revered, loved. Expensive. For eight dollars  bottle, I don't think that I am asking too much in wanting a polish to have a flawless, easily applied formula that doesn't drive me utterly insane and make me work so frakking hard to get it looking decent. I have one and two dollar polishes that I like better; they have great colours and the formula on them is terrific. So much for "this expensive, chi-chi salon brand is better". It certainly isn't here.

Is it  me? Does Essie polish just hate me? Does anyone else have as much trouble with this brand as I do? Am I over reacting? Please, if I am doing something wrong, if I am not applying them right, showing them the proper respect, zap me with a clue so that I can do better because I want to love this brand. I want to so much. But at this point, I have become so disgusted and frustrated with Essie that I just can't. I have one more Essie to review then I may have to wash my hands of this brand. I can't afford to keep buying eight dollar polishes hoping that the next one will surely have the fabulous formula that I am dreaming of, the fabulous formula everyone else seems to get but I don't.

Do you have good luck with Essie? Not so much? Does this brand slap you around as hard as it does me? Does it love you? Please do share your feelings about Essie polish with me as I would really love to hear how others get along with (or don't), this brand.

Thank you so much for popping in and reading my long, whine fest. Have a fantastic Friday and may your polish never bubble.

Orly Skinny Dip

Hello gentle readers.

How's things? Week going well? Looking forward to the weekend? I am. We are planning a day trip to the Valley and I am planning to hit a few spots and do some shopping I can't do up here in Podunkville. I can't wait. I need to spend some time in a real city. I need traffic and noise and bustle and different shops and smog. I need it so bad.

Today I am sharing Orly Skinny Dip. This is a polish from their Summer Feel the Vibe collection of neon polishes. I also bought After Party, which I will show you soon. I don't know if I am going to buy any more of the colours from this collection. I have so many neons and while I really like this finish, I just don't wear it, a whole lot and I don't see the point in spending all of that money. Maybe if I catch some on sale I'll snap up a few more. We'll see.

Orly Skinny Dip is, in my opinion, one of the standouts in this collection. This bright, pool blue neon has a beautiful blue shimmer running through it. In some lights is looks like a neon creme, in others, the shimmer  springs to life and transforms this polish. It's kind of amazing. I wore this polish for four days, if I remember correctly and it was in great shape when I removed it. This is three coats topped with Seche Vite.

This polish is so bright and fun and pure Summer. I am going to wear this next time I do a pedicure; I think it will be fabulous on toes. Lots of photographs coming up. All were shot in the sun. Don't forget your sunglasses!

The formula on this is a little better than some neons I have worked with but it is by no means perfect. I had to coax this one a little bit. The first coat was a little too thin and it streaked and dragged a bit. I applied thicker subsequent coats, but still needed three to get it smooth and opaque. I had some bubbling, thanks to the thick coats and the fact that I tried to overwork this a bit. It is best to apply this polish as swiftly and smoothly as humanly possible. Dry time is quick and this polish dries satin matte. The shimmer in this polish does form a few brushstrokes but Seche Vite smoothed those out and killed the bubbles, too.

Man, I can't get over what a pretty and fun polish this is and, in spite of it's iffy application is well worth a little work.

What do you think of Orly Skinny Dip? Loving neons, this season? They seem to be everywhere! Neon is hot, hot, hot. If you don't think that you would wear neon clothes or makeup, neon nails is a great way for anyone to embrace this trend. The Orly Feel the Vibe is in stores and online, now.

Thank you for popping in. Have a terrific Thursday and may your polish never bubble.

I Went Dotty

Hello gentle readers.

Today I have a very recent nail look. So recent, in fact that I I type this, it is on my nails. :P I went a little candy coloured crazy on my tips and used the entire Orly Sweet Collection from Spring 2010. All. Six. Polishes. I painted my nails, two coats each, in skittles with (starting from pinkie) Orly Snowcone, Pixie-Stix, Lollipop, Gumdrop and Cotton Candy and topped them with Seche Vite. Then I dotted my nails with all six polishes, including Lemonade and added Sinful Colors Snow Me White, as well. I didn't dot the nails with their own colour, naturally. Then I topped the whole shebang with Seche Vite.

When I wore this out and about, people really liked it. I got a lot of positive feedback on it and a lot of "How did you do that?" Type questions. When I told them that it was as simple as painting my nails and dotting different colours on with a dotting tool, they didn't believe me. They looked at me as if I were understating it to be modest, or something. But it really is just that simple and easy. If I, the most nail art challenged person... Ever to walk the planet can do this, anyone can.

I took the photographs of this mani out in the late afternoon sun.

 Skittles in Orly Snowcone, Pixi-Stix, Lollipop, Gumdrop and Cotton Candy.

Dots of all of the above (tho not on their own nails, of course) in addition to Orly Lemonade and Sinful Colors Snow Me White.

I don't own many full collections. My budget doesn't allow for unfettered polish buying, so I pick and choose the ones that I really like. I have some partial collections, some almost full collections but this one, for some insane reason captured my fancy and wouldn't let go of me until I finally, just not long ago, acquired the last of the six polishes in this collection. I don't understand my mad delight with owning all of these sweet pastel polishes. I just know that that they all had to be mine. 

This collection was, upon it's original release that oh-so-popular white based milk paint creme that flooded the market that season. I purchased three of these polishes during the original release; Gumdrop, Lemonade and Snowcone. The last three, Pixi-Stix, Cotton Candy and Lollipop are from later releases and are of a different formula than the originals. The new ones are crelly type cremes, slightly squishy, very silky and, yes, a little easier to work with. I don't care, tho. I have all of them and I love them. 

Do you own any of the Orly Sweet polishes? What do you think of them? Are they great? Too sweet? Did this post give you a toothache? Please share, I love to hear about it. If you like the look of these pretty polishes, many of them are part of Orly's core line and available at places like Sally's. Those that aren't in the core line are still easy to find online and here and there. Don't let anyone tell you that any of these are rare or HTF, that simply isn't the case and for heaven's sake, don't pay even a penny more than fair current market price for Orly polish. 

Thank you so much for popping in. Have yourself a great day and may your polish never bubble. 

OPI I Eat Mainly Lobster: Swatch and Review

Hello gentle readers.

Today I have a lovely polish to share with you. This is OPI I Eat Mainly Lobster; a soft, warm coral jelly with shimmer that fires different colours in the sun. This polish is part of last year's Autumn Touring America Collection but it evokes Summer, to me. The beach, fresh, ripe cantaloupe, coconut scented suntan lotion and twilight walks on the sand all come to mind when I look at this pretty charmer.

This swatch is three coats, top coat and was shot in the sun.

OPI I Eat Mainly Lobster has a formula as lovely as it's colour. Smooth, silky and easy to apply, it smoothed onto my nails without any streaks, running, pooling on my cuticles or nasty bubbling as it dried. Dry time is good. By the time I finished firing off my photographs, had I decided to wear this, it would have been ready to get on with the rest of my day.

What do you think of this polish? Personally, I love it and will be wearing it, this Summer, for sure.

Thank you so much for popping in and reading. Have a terrific Tuesday and may your polish never bubble.