Bobbi Brown Corrector: Review and Photographs

Hello gentle readers.

Fair warning before I get started: If photographs of old broads without makeup are upsetting to you, if they offend your delicate flower eyes, turn around and run. Now. 'Cause I am old. At 47 I have some lines around my eyes, loose skin, hooded lids and uneven skin tone. In spite of those things, I like makeup. I use it and I like to talk about it and am going to do so, here. 

Today, I am talking about Bobbi Brown Corrector. I am on a perpetual hunt for something. Anything. That will correct, conceal and brighten my dark under eye circles. Thanks in part to heredity; a gift from my paternal grandmother, (some grandmothers pass down to their granddaughters money, houses, antiques... Mine passed down to me her dark circles and her boobs. Thanks a lot, Amie. lol) and in part to year round indoor/outdoor allergies, I have seriously nasty dark circles. I have tried a wide variety of concealers, correctors, brighteners, powders and potions to kill them and have, in moments of desperation, considered getting a burqa to cover those suckers up. 

 I have heard and read good things about the Bobbi Brown Corrector and when I was in the Valley, last week I was cruising through Dillard's and stumbled upon a Bobbi Brown counter. I remembered, as I was about to breeze on past that I really, really wanted to try their under eye corrector. So, I put on the brakes and with the assistance of the very friendly and decidedly not snobby sales associate and several samples to swatch (on my hand, I do not put the contents of testers on my face, ever.) settled on the shade Light Peach thinking that it would best suit my fair but not porcelain complexion. I forked over twenty-four dollars and change after tax, the most I have ever paid for a concealer type product and high tailed it out of there, gleefully clutching the cure (I hoped) to the darkness that resides below my peepers. 

 Bobbi Brown Corrector. $22.00 US for 1/2 ounce of product. Available wherever Bobbi Brown cosmetics are sold. 

 Bobbi Brown Corrector is Light Peach. It photographed a little darker than it is, in person. This is a lightweight, pigmented cream in a peach tone that is designed to correct the blue/purple discolouration of dark under eye circles. 

 My under eye area, minus makeup. Scary, I know. lol My camera and the light coming in through my window actually lightened up my under eye area a good bit. The darkness under my eyes is a lot deeper than  in these photos.

 Right eye. (I don't know what that thing under my eye was. I flicked it off, after I took these photos. It is gone, in later shots.) Look at that deep darkness. 

 Left eye. I just had some eye cream and moisturizer on in these shots.

 After applying the Bobbi Brown Corrector to my under eye area. In bright light, my dark circles appear to be corrected and brightened to a fair degree but they are still pretty clearly visible in these photos and were even more obvious, in person.

After patting on an additional brightener (Maybelline Age Rewind Anti Dark Circle Brightener), to try to amp up the corrector and makeup application. As you can see, my dark circles are still clearly visible. *sigh* Fail. 

In case you are curious, my eye shadow is from the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette, Urban Decay 24/7 Glide  On Pencil in Gunmetal, Maybelline Lash Discovery on bottom lashes, Revlon 3D Volume on top lashes. Yes, I draw on my brows. It's a long story. If you want to know why, just ask, I'll tell it. :)

What I liked about the Bobbi Brown Corrector:

  Nice packaging. Sleek, black plastic and a nice little mirror inside the compact.
  The consistency is light, creamy and very smooth. It felt weightless and comfortable on my skin.
  Good pigmentation and there is a pretty wide shade range to suit many different skin tones.
  The corrector applied smoothly and easily, it didn't glob into under eye lines (there was a little settling, but once I smoothed it back out, it didn't settle, again.) and it stayed where it was placed. 
  Long wear. This corrector stayed in place all day with little fading and it didn't turn into a creased up mess.

What I didn't like about the Bobbi Brown Corrector:

 Sadly, it just didn't work for me. This corrector doesn't have enough pigmentation to handle my very difficult dark circles. 
 Perhaps a deeper shade of peach might work but I think that the Peach would be a bit too dark and that would defeat the point of using a corrector/brightener. 

I think that the Bobbi Brown Corrector would work great for someone who has missed a few hours of sleep or partied a little too hearty the night before and has light to moderate dark circles but for someone like me, with two black holes of Calcutta under my eyes, it just doesn't have enough pigmentation to correct what I need it to. I returned this corrector and my search for my Holy Grail Dark Circle Killer continues. If you have any suggestions, I am all ears. I am open to a splurge (to a point) if the stuff actually does the job for me. 

Thank you so much for popping in and reading. I hope that you wont mind my periodic meanderings into beauty products other than nail polish. I thought about starting another blog for such stuff but to be honest, I just don't have it in me to run three blogs. So my nails will just have to share the limelight, from time to time. 


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