Essie A-Crewed Interest: Swatch and Review

Hello gentle readers.

I have some time to write a post. Yippee!

Today I have Essie A-Crewed Interest for your perusal. A flattering, easy to wear pink leaning peach crelly, Essie A-Crewed Interest is so pretty; creamy, rich and delicious to look at as peach ice cream. Talk about your perfect Summer polish colour.

This swatch is three coats and top coat shot out in the sun.

Where do I start with this part of the review? With something positive; the colour. Unfortunately, that is all I can like about this polish. The formula on this is just wretched. It was streaky on all three coats, It wanted to glob up, run, pool, drag and it bubbled, too. Top Coat helped to melt and smooth it a little but it never did smooth out completely. 

I realize that I have been pretty hard on Essie, lately. Not, in my opinion without cause. I am not trashing this brand. I don't believe in trashing polishes or brands, even when the polish is an unmitigated disaster, I try to find something positive, something nice to say about it. And I have tried to find the nice in my recent Essie acquisitions. I love the colours, the soft, ladylike quality of the shades and tones, the bottles and the brand cache. But if those things aren't backed up by solid, high quality formula that applies beautifully and wears well, what the heck good is a marquis name, pretty colours and great bottles? I don't know abut you but these polishes are too expensive for me to use them as paperweights or artwork. I am sad to say that until Essie turns things around with their formula, I am going to have to pass on their polishes. I just can't afford to pay eight dollars for one difficult, sub quality swatch, over and over again. 

I received so much good feedback on my last Essie post; I heard from those of you who, like me have a lot of difficulty with this brand and I also heard from gals who have no problem with it and for whom Essie behaves perfectly. Beauty products are funny animals, not all of them suit everyone and perhaps a match between me and Essie just isn't meant to be. If Essie does work for you, I am truly happy for you, continue to enjoy this beautiful line of polishes. 

Do you own Essie A-Crewed Interest? Love it? Did it drive you as batty as it did me? If you are interested in buying this polish, it is available in stores and online, now. 

Thank you so much for popping in and reading. Have a great day and may your polish never bubble. 


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