Nail Fail

Hello gentle readers.

Today I have a nail fail to share with you. I don't know what I was thinking when I did this mani. Oh, wait. Yes I do. I was thinking that I needed to paint my nails in such a way that I am guaranteed to want to toss my cookies every time I look at my nails.

Nice. Really nice.

I started out with China Glaze Pink Plumaria from their Summer Neon Collection. Hmmm... Not bad. Very pretty, actually. But, -and here is where the insanity set in- I decided that bright, shimmery pink neon on it's own wasn't quite bright and eye catching enough. What to do? Stamp? Nope. Not in the mood. Dots? Seriously? You just did dots, you boring old biotch. Roses? Yeah. Right. Stripes? Are you kidding me?

I know!

Glitter! Glitter will make me happy. Glitter is easy. Glitter is sparkly. Glitter is happiness.

And not just any glitter. Oh, no. I need to use Orly Brave. Yes, indeedy. Top a shimmery neon pink with purple/pink shifting holographic bar glitter.

Check it out.

This mess actually photographed a little better than it looked in person. Seriously, this mani looked like chunks of the Barbie Dream Bed coated in holo dipped cat hair.

Glurgh! *shudder*

Please don't misunderstand me. Both of these are lovely polishes (I have reviews on both coming up soon), great looking on their own or paired with the right mate but to my eye, they aren't pretty together.

I think I'm going to hurl.

As I said, earlier, full reviews of these polishes (separate, of course!) are upcoming.

Do you own either of these polishes? Both? Did you do a vomit inducing manicure with them? Do tell.

Thank you so much for popping in. Have a great weekend and may your polish never bubble.


  1. Hihi you write extremely funny! :'D

  2. "Seriously, this mani looked like chunks of the Barbie Dream Bed coated in holo dipped cat hair." I kid you not, I just choked on my coffee laughing at that line. Funniest description of a mani I have ever heard!

  3. Erica, it's really not that bad as you may think. Just something that looks like it ended up in worse shape than it began. Sometimes, simpler is better.  And less cat hair is always better, unless of course, if you're the cat. ^^

  4. I bought the glitter.  Not sure how I'm going to wear it.  Maybe just by itself.  I would have thought pink would look good under it, too.

  5. It looks good over black. That is the colour I used as a base for my review swatch. It loos soooo much better. :D 

  6. My cat would concur. He likes his hair. All over him and all over everything else. He is especially delighted when it ends up in my wet polish. lol

    It really did look bad. Something about the finish of the pink and then the glitter over it? Not good. In the photo, it wasn't bad. In person, it was heinous. lol

  7. I am glad that I gave you a laugh. :D

  8. Thank you. :D 

  9. Personally, I don' t like bar glitter anyway, so for me it wouldn't matter what it was on top of! ^.^

  10. At least nail fails make for amusing posts, lol. Seriously I laughed out loud :) you win some you lose some.

  11. Yep, they sure do. I think it is good to show the good, the bad and the ugly. And this was ugly. lol 

  12. I am kind of back and forth on it. I like it as long as it is a great colour (and Brave is) and it is layered over the right base. These tow just fought with each other too much and didn't work. I'll be showing Brave over black and it kinds rocks my eyeballs with happiness. :) 

  13. No it looks like Barbie threw up a cat hairball! HAHA!  Yeah I think I'd get out the polish remover toot suite

  14. Bwahahahaha!!! Excellent. Yes, this one didn't live long. I wanted to hurl every time I looked at it and it had to go. 


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