OPI Swimsuit... Nailed It! Swatch and Review

Hello gentle readers.

So, who is a pageant fan? I am not so much. Nothing against them, really. They just bore me. I liked them when I was a teenager. I never missed a Miss America Pageant but I outgrew my fascination with them as I passed out of my teens.

I haven't lost my fascination for nail polish, tho. Especially polish that is made up of royal blue micro glitter swimming in a deep blue jelly base. This polish looks like a blue foil to the casual eye but up close you can see down into the darkness between the glitter particles that gives this polish incredible depth and dimension. There is a hint of duochrome to this polish and it really freaked out my poor old camera.

I applied two coats and top coat for this swatch and shot it in the sun.

This is like... Soooo gorgeous. So is the formula. OPI Swimsuit... Nailed It! applied beautifully; it went on smooth and easy, no dragging ro streaking or bubbles happened. I had not much cleanup with this polish as it is so easy to control. I like that. A lot. Dry time is quick and this polish dries more matte than normal polishes, a good top coat is needed for maximum shine and sparkle.

One little work of caution: Use a good base coat. A couple of coats, in fact and be very careful in how you remove this polish. Don't scrub and swirl it all over the place with your remover soaked cotton. When I did this swatch, I skipped base coat and was wild with how I took it off and it made me pay, this polish Smurfed my ass. Well, my fingers, anyway. It stained my nails and fingers. Happily, my nails were clear of it after a couple of swatches and plenty of remover and I used acetone on my skin and washed my hands and got rid of the blue there. I am not knocking this polish, I knew better than to be careless. Blue polish, especially very pigmented blue polish stains a bit. It is just the nature of the beast. Just remember that and treat this stuff with respect.

So, what do you think of the oh-so-beautiful OPI Swimsuit... Nailed It! Do you love it? Not so much? If you are in the mood to paint your tips or toes with this beautiful hue, it is still pretty easy to find. I got mine on Amazon. You can check E-Bay and various beauty supplies and the like.

Thank you for stopping by and reading. Have a terrific day and may your polish never bubble.