Orly Rock the World: Swatch and Review

Hello gentle readers.

Happy Friday. Cripes! It's Friday, already! Where the heck did this week go, I ask you?

Today I have another stunning Orly polish to share with you. This is Rock the World from their Fall 2011 Mineral FX Collection. I really fell hard for that collection. I have five of the six and Rock Coco a Go Go is in my cart along with a few other goodies at Beauty dot com waiting for me to pull the trigger. I'll do that, soon. Then I will have all of them.

Another collection, completed. *sigh if happiness*

Orly Rock the World is a slightly red toned royal purple jelly base packed with duochrome glass fleck shimmer. This polish glows purple and gold, two colours that in my not so humble opinion were born to go together. Rock the World is just as beautiful as the rest of the polishes in this collection.

This swatch is two coats and is topped with top coat.

 Just look at that sparkle and shine in the sun. The sparkle ate my camera while I was photographing it. 

In the shade. Is it just me or is this just as pretty in the shade as it is in the sun? It looks like Merlot with gold floating all over the surface. 

Orly Rock the World was a pleasure to apply for this swatch. The formula is just lovely. As packed as it is with shimmer, it is fluid and smooth and so very biddable. I didn't do a lot of cleanup and I didn't have to fight or fuss with it. I just dropped it at my cuticle, swished it up my nails, and bam! Perfect. This dried quickly with a fast dry top coat. 

Do you own this beautiful polish? Think that you might like to? It was a limited edition but it is still pretty easy to find. I bought mine from an Amazon seller and it was a bit below normal asking price, including shipping. Again, while this was a LE polish, it isn't rare or hard to find if you look around a bit so don't let anyone rook you on the price. 

Okay, I must motor. Busy day. I have stuff to do and swatches to paint and photograph. I think that I am going to be doing a few beauty posts, in the very near future. I have a few products I would like to yap about. One for which I had such high hopes and it just broke my poor little heart. 

Thank you so much for popping in. Have yourself a great day and may your polish never bubble.