Revlon ColorStay Delicious: Swatch and Review

Hello gentle readers.

Happy first day of June. Summer officially begins, soon. It is setting in very nicely, already in my neck of the woods.

Today I have a swatch of the other Revlon ColorStay polish I bought at my local CVS, recently. This is Delicious, a hot, hot, hot coral red. Like it's name, this polish is delicious. It is warm, bright, squishy and so hot you could swear you were standing on the surface of the sun. Yes, indeedy. Mama likes this one.

I applied three coats and topped it with top coat for this swatch. The photograph was shot out in the sun.

Danged camera washed this out. Darned ornery old thing, anyway. 

As difficult as Revlon ColorStay in Buttercup My swatch and review of that polish is in my previous entry, just scroll down) was for me to apply, this one was a pleasure. Smooth, silky and jelly-licious this polish sat sweetly down where it was placed, whispered up my nails without any nasty nonsense and dried in good time. The brush on this one was better than the other one, too. Maybe that other one was an anomaly. I hope so. 

What do you think of this bright, hot coral red? Like it? Please do share your thoughts. 

Thank you so much for coming by and reading. Have a great day and may your polish never bubble. 


  1. love this color, looks sooo juicy

  2. Oooh, like, want! Thanks for the photos! :)

  3. It is. Yummy and juicy. I like it. :D

  4. You are so welcome. This is an easy one to get so if you love it, it's there for you. :)

  5. So do I and it is juicy. Like Summer. :D


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