China Glaze I Herd That and Kalahari Kiss

Hello gentle readers.

How about two more China Glaze On Safari polishes?

Here is I Herd That, one coat over Desert Sun. This is a golden fine glitter with red, blue, purple, pink, orange, bronze sparks. This stuff really dresses up warm cremes. Look how it makes Desert Sun sparkle and go from luscious to downright glamorous. One coat topped with Gelous for this swatch.

Ahhh... Kalahari Kiss. Light khaki creme. This is the colour of dried grasses and other plants languishing on the desert floor, waiting breathlessly for the rainy season to begin. This is two coats, three on my ring nail to cope with my demon ridges. Topped with top coat, tho this is really shiny stuff. I am surprised at how much I like this colour. I didn't know if I would but I really do.

Formula... Pretty lovely on both of these. I Herd That is one of China Glaze's sweet to apply glitter polishes, it smooths up the nail, distributes the glitter perfectly and dries quickly without ending up too gritty or matte. This will build to an opaque finish in three coats, I just did one to show it over a base. One good coat of top coat will make this super shiny and smooth.

Kalahari Kiss is smooth, silky and easy-peasy to apply. It goes on, coat after coat without stacking up and leaving those nasty ridge lines behind, it self levels beautifully and dries in good time and mad shiny. The brush in this polish was wonkified and I had to grab my little scissors and trim it up a bit. I found that a little disconcerting, China Glaze polish brushes are almost always flawless.

I like these polishes mucho. They are beautiful, have great formulas and will make a fine addition to my little polish family.

What do you think of these?

Thank you so much for popping in. Have a great day and may your polish never bubble.

China Glaze Call of the Wild and Desert Sun: Swatches and Review

Hello gentle readers.

Today I am beginning my series on the China Glaze On Safari Collection for Autumn 2012. On safari as a twelve bottle collection comprised of rich, Fall shades in a variety of finishes including jellies, cremes, shimmers and glitters. A wide variety of colours waits to delight your eyes and decorate your tips.

I don't buy full collections all that often but I knew the moment I saw the first images of this collection all those months ago that I had to have this one. I ordered my set from an Amazon seller, this collection is available at Sally Beauty Supply, Ulta, various e-tailers, anywhere you can buy China Glaze.

Okay, lets get to the fun part.

First up is Call of the Wild. Rich, warm, Hershey's chocolate syrup brown jelly. This is two coats.

Next in line is Desert Sun. This one is a beautiful, warm butterscotch sauce crelly. I don't usually do well with shades like this but there is just enough of a hint of red in this to make it work with my skin tone. This is two coats.

The formula on both of these polishes is splendid. Smooth, silky, biddable and easy to work with. Application was a dream and these self leveled very nicely, too. Dry time was good. Even with the not fast dry top coat I use for swatching purposes, these were set to go by the time I had applied and taken the photographs. Call me impressed.

Now, I admit, brown isn't my usual colour of choice, in fact I usually avoid it like the plague but I am trying to be more open minded and learn to appreciate polish colours I otherwise wouldn't wear. I have to say... These are gorgeous. I am kind of liking these and could see myself wearing them. Maybe.

What do you think of these first two polishes? Are you a fan of rich, warm brown and butterscotch? Do you own these? Think that you might like to? Do tell.

Thank you for stopping in and reading. Have a lovely day and may your polish never bubble.

Random Stuff Sunday

Happy Sunday.

Actually, my cat wouldn't go anywhere my cooking.

For any reason.

Nor will anyone else, actually.


It's that bad.

Thank God for microwaves.

Have a great Sunday, everyone.

Play it Again Saturday: OPI Designer Series Sapphire

Hello gentle readers.

I have a lot of polish. Mush of which has only been seen once and that, in my opinion, is a crying shame. So, in an effort to give them another airing and to encourage me to actually wear some of my older pretties, I am making it a point to showcase at least one such polish each week on Saturday.

This Saturday I am featuring, once again the oh, so deliciously holographic OPI Designer Series Sapphire, a beautiful silvery blue holo. This is two coats and Seche Vite to top it off. These photos were shot in the sun. My camera bogarts holo, trust me when I say that the holo effect of this polish, especially in the sun is absolutely splendid.

I wore this back in June. This manicure held up for five days. Pretty stellar, in my book as I usually manage to murder a mani in much shorter order.

What do you think of this beautiful polish? Do you own it? Love it? Please do share.

Thank you so much for popping in. Have a great day and may your polish never bubble.

Opening Ceremonies Nails

Hello gentle readers.

So, tonight (here in the U.S.) is the Opening Ceremonies for the Olympics. I am a big old dork and I love the Olympics. I am pretty glued to my TV from the Opening Ceremonies right through to Closing and when I can't sit on my tail feathers and watch, my DVR is going so hard that it smokes. To celebrate, I did my version of an Olympics manicure. I thought about nail art. Then thought not. My last few forays into nail art (save dots and roses) haven't come out so well, actually (if you don't believe me, go back a bit and feast your eyes on my Fourth of July nails... yeah... told you so) and I wasn't in the mood to spend all of that time and effort only to have globs of ugly on my fingertips. I decided to do a layered look instead and since everyone is going for the gold, I did gold nails.

This manicure is two coats of OPI Glitzerland topped with one coat of China Glaze Cleopatra and sealed with Seche Vite. Photos were taken in my lightbox, Some big, fat old clouds came across the sun just as I was ready to take pictures. I was kind of pissed, 'cause this is like bah-bling! in the sun.

What events are you most looking forward to seeing? I am a big fan of the equestrian events (of course! :D), gymnastics, diving, some of the swimming, tennis and some of the shooting events.

I don't plan to do individual swatch/review posts of these two polishes anytime soon. However, if you would like to see either on it's own, let me know and I'll be happy to swatch it for you.

Thank you so much for popping in and reading, today. Have a great day and may your polish never bubble.

Rimmel Lasting Pro Wild Orchid And China Glaze Dance Baby

Hello gentle readers.

I am nearly finished swatching my China Glaze On Safari Collection. It's taking me a little time, as I have been busy but I just have three left to go. I can start posting the swatches I have done and photographed, tomorrow.

For today I have a pretty Rimmel Lasting Pro polish in Wild Orchid to share with you. I wore this polish a while back and, since I am seriously into the random accent nail thing right now, I painted some of my nails with China Glaze Dance Baby. The lavender and pink combo was so pretty together. I really enjoyed wearing that manicure. I painted Dance Baby on my right ring and thumb and my left index and middle finger nails. The rest were Wild Orchid. All were two coats and Seche Vite.

Rimmel Lasting Pro in Wild Orchid has a nice formula. It is a crelly, smooth and easy to work with. That big, wide brush made painting my nails a swift and easy job and the polish flowed easily off of it, sat where I placed it and didn't give me the least bit of trouble. I didn't have a ton of cleanup with this polish, either. It dried fast, too. Nice stuff. Of course, China Glaze Dance Baby is a darling. I swatched and reviewed it here.

Do you own Rimmel Lasting Pro in Wild Orchid? What do you think of it? Do you like that big honking brush as well as I do? If you would like to pick this polish up, it is part of Rimmel's core line and can be found where you buy Rimmel cosmetics. I usually pick mine up at my local CVS, often when it is on special and I have Extra Bucks.

Thank you so much for popping in and reading. Have yourself a lovely day and may your polish never bubble.

American Apparel Sheer Polishes Swatches and Review

Hello gentle readers.

Today I have three new polishes from American Apparel to share with you. These are from their new Sheer line. This six polish collection are all named after famous beaches and the colours all evoke Summer. These polishes are sheer jelly polishes created to do syrup gradient layered manicures. They are also great for jelly sandwiches and two of the three that I have will build to a perfect, opaque finish in three coats, making some of them very wearable as just plain old polish, as well. These polishes are three free and cruelty free.

Promotional image supplied by American Apparel and used with permission.

The first colour I have is Summerland Beach, a soft, sweet beachy-peachy coral. I applied all three polishes the same way for each swatch: Gradient syrup on my pinkie and ring, three coats on my middle and a jelly sandwich on my index finger nails. All are three coats topped with top coat. These are all so shiny, squishy and just yummy. Please forgive my syrup attempts. This was my first shot at the technique. I obviously need a little practice! 

Next up is Pacific Beach, a bright, nearly neon Kelly green jelly. This is the most sheer of the three. You can clearly see my VNL. But look how squishalicious! I think that this is the best of the three for the jelly sandwich. It looks opaque, in my index nail with the sammich.

Last but certainly not least we have Redondo Beach. This a lovely watery, slightly greyed blue. This is, in case you hadn't already guessed, my favorite of the three. I am a blue fan and this one just makes me happy all over.

The formula on these polishes is very nice. These are so easy to apply, they sat sweetly down where I placed them and whispered softly up my nails with only minimal streaking on the first coat, there was no dragging, pulling or bald patches. This polish builds nicely upon it's self, so that you can do the syrup gradients or jelly sandwiches with ease. As I mentioned earlier, two of the three, Summerland Beach (the peachy-pink) and Redondo Beach (blue) build to opacity in three lovely coats. Dry time is pokey. Slow. And it wasn't helped by the top coat I use for swatching purposes. If you decide to get and wear these, a good fast dry top coat will make your life a whole lot more pleasant. 

Overall, I like these polishes. They have pretty colours and a lovely, easy to work with formula. Hey! The brushes are nice, too! You know how I like a nice brush and I like these. I would think of purchasing other shades and I would definitely recommend them to you sheer lovers out there. 

American Apparel Sheer polishes are available on their website. They retail for $6.00 U.S. a bottle. 

What do you think of these? Like the look of them? Think that you might like to try them? Have you purchased any of these? Did you like them? Please do tell. 

Thank you so much for popping in and reading. Have a terrific day and may your polish never bubble.

*These were sent to me for review.* 

Orly Flash Glam FX Brave: Swatch and Review

Hello gentle readers.

I bought a few of the new Orly Flash Glam glitters a while back. I bought three; Brave, Sashay My Way and Mermaid Tail. Today I am going to show Brave.

Orly Brave is a pretty purple/pink shifting holo bar glitter in a thick, slightly pink tinted suspension base. I suspect that the pink tint is a result of some bleeding by the glitter as it doesn't seem deliberate. No worries, tho. It dries perfectly clear.

I applied one coat, then patted and placed additional glitter where it was needed. This is shown over one coat of Wet-N-Wild Black Creme an topped with Gelous. These photographs were shot under my OttLight.

Orly Brave is pretty and not too problematic, as glitters of this ilk go. I got decent glitter dispersal on my first coat then just picked up a little extra on my brush and patted a little more where it was needed. Dry time is pretty good, one coat of Gelous made it pretty smooth, I imagine that topped with Seche Vite, it would be so crazy glossy it would be unbelievable.

Overall, I like the Orly Flash Glam FX glitters but in my not so humble opinion, these polishes are not worth ten bones a pop. I will most likely only buy more if I catch a sale.

Do you own any of these polishes? Like them? Please do tell.

Thank you for popping in and reading. Have a great day and may your polish never bubble.

Random Stuff Sunday

Hello gentle readers.

I am supposed to be swatching and photographing and I will, soonest. I spent early-early Saturday morning in the ER getting fluids and pain meds for a bad gallbladder attack and laid around on my sofa all day yesterday swacked out on pain meds. I'm feeling a little better but that sucker has to come out. Soon. LOL At least I feel like posting again. I didn't even touch my 'puter, yesterday.

This was my entire polish collection in June of 2010.

Here is where it lives, now. Both Melmers are packed... Time for a couple more. :D

Kinda crazy, huh? 

Have a great rest of your Sunday. :D

I Don't Want to Talk About Nail Polish, Today

See you all, tomorrow. 

China Glaze Pink Plumeria: Swatch and Review

Hello gentle readers.

Today I have for you the second polish from the Summer Neon Collection that I purchased. Pink Plumeria. I just love that name. It rolls off of my tongue, it swims through my mind. The name is smooth. The name tickles my fancy. Tickles. Pink.

My mind is a terrible place in which to waste time.

So let's not, shall we?

China Glaze Pink Plumeria is more neon than Ride the Waves. This polish has more neon type pigment and has that neon fluorescent effect. It is also pink. A warm, soft, almost leaning coral pink. With shimmer. Lots of beautiful, subtle shimmer. This is an unusual and very pretty pink neon polish. If you like pink, if you like shimmer and you are glomming on the whole neon thing, this Summer you might need to get this one.

Okay, 'nuff of this raggle baggle. I know what you really want.

 I used Autocorrect while cropping and sharpening these photographs in order to show some of that lovely glow-y neon effect.

This is yet some more China Glaze neon yummy stuff. The formula is downright decent and application didn't give me too much trouble. It was a teensy bit streaky on the first coat but otherwise... It was great. I needed three coats for full opacity and like most neons I have met, dries satin matte. Top coat brings out the shine and the shimmah and makes this beauty glow and live. So use top coat.

This is one of my rare right hand swatches. I am slowly working on my swatching on my dominant hand technique. I want to become a Two Handed Swatcher of Death, like my swatch idol, Scrangie. I am sure that you are all already following Scrangie but if not, you can find her blog and her fabulous swatches here. And if you click over, you see that Nars Storm Bird polish she has on feature, right now. I waaaaant that polish! If for no other reason, that fabulous name. Oh, yeah. Sometimes I buy a polish for it's name. Don't judge me and don't even try to tell me that you never have. I won't believe you.

Anywhoozle. China Glaze Pink Plumeria. Pretty. Neon. Shimmer. Yeah. This is out, now and should be available where you find China Glaze. I would suggest Amazon, I saw it there, recently. (No, I am not affiliated, I am not pimping for them, I just buy a lot of polish from there. ;))

Thank you so much for popping in and reading. I have something fun brewing in my head. Something that I think my readers are going to enjoy. I just need to flesh out how to make it work and pick up the prizes. And that is all I will say about that. For now.

Oh yeah, have a great day and may your polish never bubble.

China Glaze Ride the Waves: Swatch and Review and a Quick Comparison, Too

Hello gentle readers.

Today I have for your eyeballs one of the China Glaze Summer Neons. I only bought two of the polishes from this collection because honestly, while I like neons, I just don't wear them all that often and I already own a crap ton of them. I bought the two that were most interesting to me. The first one I really wanted was Ride the Waves, a beautiful royal blue jelly. While China Glaze calls this a neon, it feels more like a bright, to me. A perfect bright Summer blue.

This swatch is three coats and top coat. These photos were taken under my OttLight.

As you can see, this polish is pretty translucent. This is three coats and there is still clearly visible VNL. I don't really mind it but if VNL drives you nuts, you would probably like to wear underwear. The formula is smashing on this one. Application was easy and smooth, I didn't have control issues, it sat sweetly down where I placed it and there was no running, pooling or dragging. There was a little streaky action on the first coat; this is pretty normal with a lot of jellies. By the time the second and third coats smoothed on, all evidence of streaks was gone. This polish dries satin matte, like many neons and it dried pretty quickly, too. A good, glossy top coat is definitely in order of you want to wear this polish shiny. And I believe that it should be worn shiny. This is squishalicious and I like to flaunt that.

While I was working with this polish I found myself wondering if it was anything like Revlon Royal, colour wise. I grabbed a nail wheel and got to swatching. I applied three coats of polish to each sample nail and both are wearing top coat.

China Glaze Ride the Waves on the left, Revlon Royal on the right.

As you can see, these are both lovely blue jellies but that is where the similarities end. Revlon Royal is far deeper, richer and looks more like a cobalt blue. China Glaze Ride the Waves is a lighter, brighter blue, this is closer to cerulean. Both beautiful and certainly worth making a part of your polish family but not dupes, by any stretch of the imagination.

What do you think of China Glaze Ride the Waves? Have you purchased it? Love it? My local Sally's sold out of this collection pretty fast and I am not sure about availability in other places. Getting products here in my neck of the woods can be a crap shoot and I often seven out. You might have more luck if you are fortunate enough to live where there is good shopping. I imagine that these are available from various e-tailers and on E-Bay and so forth, as well.

Thank you so much for popping in and reading. Have a great day and may your polish never bubble.

OPI Lincoln Park After Dark

Hello gentle readers.

A week or so ago, I had to file my nails down. They had gotten nice and long but fragile and I had a couple of spots that kept giving me trouble so out came the file. Since I was sporting new shorties, I figured that it was the perfect time to take a little break from all of the brights, pastels and neons and get vampy.

And what vampy polish is the perfect vampy polish? Why, OPI Lincoln Park After Dark, of course. Deep, dark, rich purple jelly. So sexy, sophisticated and chic. I felt like a million, wearing it. This polish is insanely popular and I fully understand why. It is fabulous. This is the first time I wore this beauty. It won't be my last, that is for sure.

This was two coats and Seche Vite. These photos were shot outdoors and one in the shade.

Holy cats, that stuff is gorgeous. And the formula is just about as flawless as it gets. Thick but not goopy, this jelly is beautifully fluid and smooth. Application is a breeze. A dream. This polish sat sweetly down where I placed it and whispered silkily up my nails, self leveled then quickly dried into a perfect, shining shell. I didn't have any trouble with streaking, dragging, running or pooling. I did have a bit of cleanup but only because by the time I got to applying this polish, I had swatch fatigue, my cuticles were swollen and stinging from remover and acetone and I just wanted to get done and give my poor fingers a break. And of course, in my haste to finish I got careless. And had to use even more acetone to do cleanup. Yeah. That was smart, huh? I wore this polish for four days and enjoyed every second of it. And the compliments that it received.

Do you own this beautiful, classic OPI polish? If you like dark and sultry colours on your nails, OPI Lincoln Park After Dark is one polish that you should definitely have in your rotation. It is core line and you should be able to find it just about anywhere you can purchase OPI polishes.

Thank you so much for popping in. Have a great Monday and may your polish never bubble.

Random Stuff Sunday

Hello gentle readers.

I am extravagant. I treated myself to the entire China Glaze On Safari Collection. I don't know why I had to have the whole thing. I just know that I did. I bought this collection from an Amazon seller and got a pretty swinging deal. I saved a pretty nice little pile of money over what I would have paid at my local Sally's, even if I had used coupons. I like getting a good deal. It makes me happy.

So does getting an entire collection in the mail, all at once. I don't buy entire collections often and when I do, it feels very decadent and indulgent and is really fun.

I can't wait to dig in to these. Even the brown ones. Weird, huh? Maybe I am getting over my aversion to brown polish. I used to have no use for green, now I love it. So why not brown? We'll see.

I have read all of your wonderful comments in my last few posts and I will be responding, soon-soon. Promise.

Have a great Sunday. :D

Franken Fun: Mad Housewife Glitters Miniseries... The Conclusion

Hello gentle readers.

Today I have my final franken in my little series of frankened glitter polishes. When I was thinking of naming these polishes, the name for this one was the first one to come to mind and was, in fact the inspiration for the names of all three polishes and for the miniseries.

Those of us who live with someone who shaves (or shaves, themselves ;)) will grok this one, I am sure.

Shaving Cream and Stubble. "Yuk!" I hear you thinking. "Why the hell would anyone name a polish after something so nasty?"

You tell me what can drive a housewife mad faster than walking into her otherwise pristine bathroom and finding her normally shining sink festooned in splats of dried shaving cream speckled with stubble.

Now, you get it. :D

True story: Happened to me. Once. I pitched such a high holy hissy fit, it never happened again. My husband now carefully cleans the sink and polishes the faucet after his morning ablutions. In fact, that man actually keeps his bathroom nice and clean. The only bathroom I ever have to clean is my own. Yes, indeedy. Train them well. And early, kids. A little effort early on pays huge dividends in the long run, my pets.

Enough gloating. On to the polish. Shaving Cream and Stubble was born of my attempt to create a super sparkly white glitter polish for my Fourth of July nails. Didn't happen but I did come up with a polish that reminded me of the Color Club Starry Temptress glitters from last Summer. This franken is a crelly base packed with small silvery holo square glitter. The glitter is buried within, deep, not sparkly, but present. This swatch is three coats and Gelous to top it off. I shot these photographs under my OttLight. I had real focus issues with this one... Don't ask me why. I shot what felt like a million pictures and these were the best of the lot.

I constructed this franken from some Wet-N-Wild small square glitter, some white striper polish and thinner. It's a weird mix, thin, yet creamy, glittery and just... This applies nicely, settles into place without complaint and doesn't run, pool or drag. This is another one that needs to be inverted as I go. If I were seriously into frankening, I wold invest in suspension base, settling glitters kind of irritate me. This polish was a tad streaky on coat one, by coat two it was smooth and even but still a bit too translucent. By the time I got to the third, it was fully opaque. I do wonder if this will dry well. Usually, by the time I finish photographing a polish it is, if not dry-dry it's well on it's way. This one was still pretty wet. I am going to have to test run this with Seche Vite. Probably should have, before I debuted this baby.

But I suck.

So, there it is.

This concludes my miniseries of franken glitters. What do you think? Are you inspired to create your own mixtures? Are you dreaming of dumping a duochrome into a holo? constructing the perfect glitter? Perhaps creating your own perfect teal? A sublime burgundy? A sexy, just for you red? A little hint... Start small. Work on a paper plate or other disposable surface and mix tiny quantities. A brush full here, a droplet, there then test on nail wheels. It is easier and less frustrating than committing to full bottles of stuff which can swiftly waste a lot of otherwise nice polish if you end up creating a dog or six. Not that I would know anything about that. *whistles innocently and looks around*

Thank you ever so much for popping in and reading. Have a great weekend and may your polish never bubble.

Franken Fun: Mad Housewife Glitters Miniseries

Hello gentle readers.

Happy Friday the 13th! I love Friday the 13th. I am not superstitious so to me, Friday the 13th just feels like a special day. Like a holiday, or something.

Found on Facebook.

Today is day two of my three day miniseries showing my recent glitter frankens. This is my grey franken named Empty the Dust Cup! I came up with this name because the dusty grey base reminded me of the dust that I regularly empty from the dust cup of my vacuum cleaner. Occasionally, something that shouldn't have been, something precious can be sucked up by my vacuum and I find it in my dust cup. Kind of like the glitter in the grey base.

The glitters in this polish are the same ones in Mad Housewife, there is a bit less glitter and the grey calms it and dulls but doesn't kill it. Now and again, a bit will come forward and offer a lone, bright spark.

This swatch is three coats with Gelous atop it and was shot under my OttLight.

And what the hell is it with my camera making my fingers look like fried Snausages, lately? Gah!!! It's driving me nuts. That damned thing is seriously mucking with my skin tone and I don't appreciate it. Not one little bit. Time to play around with it and see what I can do. Bleargh.

The formula on Empty the Dust Cup! is a little thinner, more jelly than Mad Housewife. I needed to apply three coats to get this one opaque and it required a couple of more inversion sessions to suspend the glitters fully. Other than that, this one is pretty good and was joyfully easy to paint onto my nails.

Did I do okay with this one? I know that the glitter is a repeat but I am hoping that the different base colour kind of makes up for that a little.

Thank you so much for popping in. Have a great day and may your polish never bubble.

Franken Fun: Mad Housewife Glitters Miniseries

Hello gentle readers.

Today begins a three part miniseries detailing three glitter polishes I recently frankened. I have decided to call them my Mad Housewife Series, as I am a mad housewife.

 This entire thing happened rather by accident: I was pulling polishes for my Fourth of July nails and I realized that I don't possess a clean, bright white glitter polish. Imagine that! When I saw that I am indeed, white glitter free, I thought that I could franken something that would work. I went sifting through my Melmers and a drawer and a hatbox of rejects that included some prior failed franken attempts and started playing mad scientist.

I began by attempting to create a very sparkly white glitter. I mixed Sinful Colors Snow Me White and Sally Hansen X-Treme Wear in Disco Ball. Fail. Duh. The glitter in Disco Ball is iridescent white. Put that in white creme polish and it dies. Okay, so I blew it. But... If I mixed in this okay but not brilliant glitter franken I made a while back and forgot about... It's in a clear base, has big, strong glitters... Yeah, let's try it. Can't hurt. Okay. Looks pretty good but there is way too much. Transfer some to this cleaned out Rimmel bottle that once contained a combo base/top coat (that was some useless shit, lemme tell ya!) and I can make two polishes! Yay! To this one in the Rimmel bottle... Grey. Yes. I want a grey glitter. What grey? China Glaze Concrete Catwalk, my favorite grey.

Shake, shake, shake. Test. Add a little more glitter, a tad more grey. Shake, shake, shake. Yepper. I have something, here. Then, to the other one, more franken glitter in a blue base. Shake, shake, shake. Ooooo! Dusty blue! Yes!!! Mama likes a dusty blue! But that Sinful bottle is causing white streaks in my blue... Need another bottle... Here is a bit of leftover Color Club top coat. Dump that and into the bottle goes my blue franken. Yay! No more streakies. The third was my final attempt at a sparkling white. Some Wet-n-Wild small silvery/holo square glitter that was lurking in my drawer mixed with some white striper polish (no way am I frankening with my OPI or China Glaze whites!) and a little thinner. Hello! This isn't what I had in mind but it reminds me of the Color Club Starry Temptress glitters from last year. It wouldn't work for Fourth of July nails but I think it does work.

So, there is the saga of how I developed these three polishes. Time for photos of the first one. This is of course, Mad Housewife. A dusty blue crelly base with tiny iridescent, tiny square holo silver, silver holo bars and hex sequins in blue and lavender. This is two coats and Gelous to top it. Shot under my OttLight.

Not to toot my own horn here but I think that this is a pretty good polish. It looks okay, it is a decent formula, it applies nicely, the glitters distribute naturally and smoothly and I didn't have any trouble with the formula. It applies without dragging, clotting, running or pooling. It was a tad streaky on coat one but the second solved that. I did nearly no cleanup, I think I picked up my cleanup brush once? The dry time is even pretty decent on this one. Overall, I am pretty pleased. My only complaint; the other polishes diluted the suspension base and the glitter can settle. I have to cap and invert the bottle from time to time to keep it all up where it belongs but it isn't a big dealio.

What do you think of the first polish in my Mad Housewife Trio? Your honest feedback is appreciated.

Thank you so much for popping in and reading this veeeery long post. Why you put up with my wordy nattering, I will never know but please be assured that I love you all for it! Have a great day and may your polish never bubble.

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB 8-in-1 Beauty Balm Swatches and Review

Hello gentle readers.

I have another drugstore BB cream review to share with you, today.

 Introducing Maybelline Dream Fresh BB 8-in-1 Beauty Balm Skin Perfector. This product claims, among eight benefits, Titanium Dioxide Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 30. Happiness. A face product not stuffed full of chemical sunscreen. Of course, we all know that we don't use enough foundation, tinted moisturizer or BB cream to truly reap the SPF benefits but I suppose that combined with a broad spectrum sunscreen it helps to provide some protection.

This Beauty Balm is not a true BB cream, as I understand BB creams. This is is an truth, like most American made drugstore BB creams, a tinted moisturizer. The label claims are that it has eight benefits:

  • Blurs Imperfections
  • Enhances
  • Brightens
  • Adjusts to Skin Tone
  • Smooths
  • Hydrates
  • SPF 30 Protection
  • 0% Oils and Other Heavy Ingredients

This Beauty Balm comes packaged in a one ounce tube (well sealed, there is an adhesive seal on the tip of the tube under the cap, check to make sure it is intact before you purchase) and I paid $8.99 USD for it at my local Walgreen's. Prices may vary by store or region but I think that this is the prevailing price just about everywhere. The product it's self is a lightweight, pigmented lotion that comes in four shades and is meant to be somewhat self adjusting; in theory it self adjusts to suit the wearer's skin tone. I am fair to light with a neutral undertone and I chose the Light. I chose this shade with some trepidation as my experience with Maybelline face products has never been positive. Even their lightest shades in foundations has been too dark and far too orange to suit me and I honestly expected this product to be the same.

The Maybelline Dream Fresh BB is supposed to be displayed with tiny tester bottles so that you can swatch the product on your hand before choosing your shade; the tester for the Light was missing so I had to go in blind.

Here is the Beauty Balm, straight out of the tube on the back of my hand. In person, this is a bit darker, my camera washed it out a little. The texture of this cream is very smooth, lightweight and it is pretty pigmented. I was a bit scared as it starts out a good bit darker than my usual foundation shade. But, in for a penny, in for a pound. Time to rub the stuff in. 

All smoothed in. As you can see, it did adjust very nicely and isn't orange or dark. 

I have used this many times on my face and I am pretty pleased with it, overall. Is it a BB cream? Uh... No. Not as I understand a BB cream. Is it a nice little tinted moisturizer? Yes, it is. It smooths on easily, self adjusts a bit to my skin tone, sinks in nicely and dries down to a soft, satin velvet finish that isn't at all shiny, sticky or tacky. It does supply a very, very subtle glow but it isn't radiant or shimmery. The coverage is definitely very light. A little better than most tinted moisturizers I have tried, about like a sheer to light foundation. I was able to slightly build the coverage in a couple of spots by adding a little more and gently patting it in. But don't expect more than light coverage. If you need more coverage than this, this product is probably not for you. I did use a little concealer in a couple of spots and my usual under eye corrector and brightener as this product can't cope with my killer dark circles. I found that fingers are the best tool with which to apply this product, I didn't have much success with brushes. 

 I don't realize any moisturizing benefits from this product and I didn't expect to. I have extremely dry skin and I have to prep with my usual moisturizer and a little primer before I use this product. If you have oily or combo skin, I imagine that this would provide you with enough hydration. I found that this product will sink into large pores and pool, leaving those not so lovely tiny spots of pigment on the face. I prepped with my usual foundation primer prior to use and that solved the problem for me. I powder my T-Zone with a little translucent powder as I do get a little shine, this time of year. This product has really decent staying power on my skin. I can wear this all day and it keeps on keeping on surprisingly well. After five or six hours, it still looks fairly fresh and pretty. By the end of a long day, I notice some graceful fading away, there is no streaking, blotching or clotting. Wear time will vary by user, of course. This is just my experience, on my own skin.

My only real complaint with the Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream is that it does cause my skin to itch a little, at times. There is one ingredient that I suspect may be the culprit. The itching isn't bad, but it is a little bothersome. Of course, I am not wearing any makeup as I type this and my skin is a bit itchy so... Who knows. Really. 

Let us examine the claims, one by one and see how this stuff performed, shall we? 

  • Blurs Imperfections         Yes. This product provides light coverage. If you need heavier coverage, this is probably not the product for you. 
  • Enhances                        Yes. 
  • Brightens                        Some. It certainly didn't darken or cast an orange tone on my skin.
  • Adjusts to Skin Tone      Yes. Surprisingly, it did. Very nicely, in fact.
  • Smooths                         Somewhat. I needed primer for my pores and flaky areas.
  • Hydrates                        Not my very dry skin. I do think it would hydrate oily or combo skin. I need my usual moisturizer under this.        
  • SPF 30 Protection          I don't buy it. No one wears enough of a product like this or applies it in the manner directed or in the frequency required to realize true sun protection benefits. I suppose that coupled with a broad spectrum sunscreen, this product can help a little but I wouldn't ask it to be my sole source of SPF. I think that it would let me down, badly. 
  • 0% Oils and Other Heavy Ingredients  This did not feel at all oily or heavy on my skin.

Bottom line: Do I like this product? Yes, I do. I am shocked at how well I like it and I have reached for it rather than my foundation since I bought it. I love the weightless feel and the fact that my skin doesn't feel smothered in this nasty Summer heat and humidity. I like the light coverage and the soft, velvety feel that it provides. This product has really decent staying power on my skin and I don't find myself needing to touch it up or reapply in the course of a long, busy day. 

Would I repurchase this product? Yes, I think that I would, unless something better comes along. Do I recommend it? Sure I do. Personal taste varies, of course but I do feel that this is a solid performer for a drugstore level tinted moisturizer and if you are on a budget, it is definitely worth giving it a whirl. Buy it at a store that accepts returns on cosmetics, if you are unsure. That way, if you don't like it, you can get your money back and try something else. (Walgreen's, CVS, Rite Aid, Target, WalMart and many other drugstores and mass retailers accept returns on opened cosmetics products with a receipt, within the return time window. CVS will accept returns without a receipt; the refund will be in the form of a store gift card. With a receipt, you receive cash.) 

Have you tried the Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream? Do you like it? Not? I'd love to hear what you think of this product. 

Okay, I think that I covered everything in this very wordy review. I'm sorry, short, sweet and to the point just isn't my forte. If I missed anything or if you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to hit me up in a comment and I will get back to you as soon as I possibly can. I use the Disqus comment system, so make sure that you let that widget load completely before composing your comment or I won't see it. 

Thank you so much for popping in and reading. Have a great day and try to stay cool, mmmkaay? 

Revlon Top Speed in Vintage: Swatch and Review

Hello gentle readers.

Yesterday, I showed you a nasty, streaky, bubbly mess of a Revlon polish. Just to prove that Revlon can do it just as right as they can do it wrong, here is a beauty of a Revlon for your delicate flower eyes.

Hello Revlon Top Speed in Vintage. You sweet little shiny, silky, smooth dark raspberry creme, you. This swatch is two coats and top coat.

Just look at how rich and shiny this is. It is just lovely. 

The formula on this polish is pretty close to fantastic, it goes on smooth and easy, it is slightly streaky on the first coat but the second coat gives a perfect, opaque finish. This polish is easy to control, I had no trouble with running, pooling or dragging and I did little cleanup. Just a little fussy refining. This polish dried quickly without pulling or bubbling. This colour isn't anything terribly unique or unusual but it is solidly pretty, appropriate just about anywhere and I think that it would look petty on a wide range of skin tones.

This polish is part of Revlon's core line and should be pretty easy to find wherever you buy Revlon polishes.

Do you own this polish? What do you think of it? I'd love to hear what you think.

Thank you so much for popping in. Have a wonderful day and may your polish never bubble.

One Bad Polish

Hello gentle readers.

If you see the most recent release of the scented Revlon polishes in your local store, my personal advice to you would be to turn around and run. I should have. I didn't. I ended up with this mess on my nails. 

Three coats and Seche Vite shot in late afternoon sun. 

Revlon Apricot Pastry is a soft, golden apricot jelly. I actually really liked the colour. It is a departure from my usual polish choices but the formula is an absolute horror show. It streaked, it dragged, it pulled bald patches, it bubbled in wide, dark streaks, it dried so. slowly. that I had another 5% grey in my hair before this shit was cured hard on my tips. 



This and the other shade, Mint Gelatto, went back. 

Revlon. When they get it right, they get it really right. When they get it wrong, it is a spectacular failure. And I never know, from one bottle to the next of their polish I purchase just what I am going to get. I got screwed, this time, around. 

Do you own this polish? Does it behave better for you then it did for me? Am I just too harsh? 

Thank you so much for popping in. Have a terrific day and may your polish never bubble.