Bundle Monster Stamping Plates for 2012: Photographs and Review

Hello gentle readers.

I am finally getting this review up. I put it off a bit because I couldn't decide how I was going to show stamped images. On my nails? On paper? Uh... Erika? You have nail wheels, you know. Use one to demonstrate some of the images.

Brilliant. Absofrakkinglutely brilliant.

If I do say so, myself. :P

The Bundle Monster stamping plates for 2012 collection contains twenty-five high polish stainless steel round stamping plates with a paper backing, like the 2011 collection and like Konad brand stamping plates. There are six images per plate and 150 all brand new image designs from which to choose. I really like a lot of the new designs. Some are just meh and a few I most likely won't bother with but overall, it is a really great pile of plates.

The new packaging. I am happy to see Bundle Monster stepping up and improving their packaging. My first set came all scattered in a much too large box, the second in a plastic bag in a bubble mailer, this time, this tricked up little plastic pack that is the perfect size to hold all of the plates securely. Me likee. (The bottle of polish was not included, of course. I placed it there for scale and to hold the pack up for photographing.)

Does anyone else love that little monster popping out of the box? 

All twenty-five plates as they come, right out of the package. There is a blue plastic film adhered to the surface of the plates to protect them from scratching during transit. The film is easy to peel away before use. 

One of the plates, peeled. As you can see, there are some minor surface scratches, from manufacturing, I would imagine. A handful of my plates have these scratches, they are very light and don't impact how the image transfers. I use a metal scraper and my plates get scratched from that so these minor flaws don't bother me. One or two of my plates also had some shallow pitting. Again, the pitting doesn't seem to impact the image transfer. 

My nail wheel with some random images stamped from this plate collection. I stamped with Konad Special White over Wet-N-Wild black creme. My image placement is a little screwy. Stamping on a nail wheel is very different from stamping on my own nails, so I kind of mucked it up. I had to remove every other nail, as they were too close together to stamp them comfortably. 

What do I like about these plates? Variety. There are a pile of fun images, from holidays to causes, pets and beauty. There are 70's style smiley faces and lipsticks and hearts and cause ribbons. There are Christmas and Hallowe'en and Easter images (bunnies!!!!!). No Fourth of July, tho. There are Butterflies, paisley, houndstooth, sayings and numbers. There is even one that mimics water marbling. And the roses! Big, fat, full blown roses. I loves me some roses. 

The images on these plates transfer clean and crisp and easily. I am having trouble with the faux gradient image, it doesn't want to cooperate and mine seems to be a bit flawed. I'll keep working with it, it might be one of those that you have to scrape then stamp "just so" to make it work. I will conquer it. I will! 

I appreciate that Bundle Monster listens to their clients and are making efforts to make the plates more pleasant to handle and use. The edges are less sharp, tho you still need to handle them with a bit of care and the paper backing makes them look and feel substantial and of quality.

What I wasn't so wild about? The surface flaws, such as scratches and pitting. I realize that Bundle Monster has to put out a crap ton of these plates but Konad makes a crap ton of their plates and I don't notice that surface scratching and pitting on Konad plates. This is just cosmetic, and not something that impacts how the plates work or really bug me, personally. But it does merit mention in this review. I wish that the images were arranged with more rhyme and reason. For example, put all of the Christmas images together, all of the Hallowe'en images together, you get the idea. This again is a minor gripe; it just bugs the organized freak in me to have different kinds of images scattered willy-nilly all over the joint on the plates. 

So, bottom line: Do I like these plates? Yes, I sure do. Would I recommend them to my gentle readers? Yes, I sure do. They are great and if you haven't ordered your set, I encourage you to do so. I think that you would really enjoy them. If you are in the mood for some new Bundle Monster stamping fun, you can order from Bundle Monster for $19.79 (I don't know how much they charge for shipping or if it is free) or from Amazon for $21.99 with free shipping. I ordered mine from Amazon. 

So, do you own these plates? Like them? Thinking of buying them? 

Thank you so much for popping in and reading. Have a great day and may your polish never bubble.


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