China Glaze Call of the Wild and Desert Sun: Swatches and Review

Hello gentle readers.

Today I am beginning my series on the China Glaze On Safari Collection for Autumn 2012. On safari as a twelve bottle collection comprised of rich, Fall shades in a variety of finishes including jellies, cremes, shimmers and glitters. A wide variety of colours waits to delight your eyes and decorate your tips.

I don't buy full collections all that often but I knew the moment I saw the first images of this collection all those months ago that I had to have this one. I ordered my set from an Amazon seller, this collection is available at Sally Beauty Supply, Ulta, various e-tailers, anywhere you can buy China Glaze.

Okay, lets get to the fun part.

First up is Call of the Wild. Rich, warm, Hershey's chocolate syrup brown jelly. This is two coats.

Next in line is Desert Sun. This one is a beautiful, warm butterscotch sauce crelly. I don't usually do well with shades like this but there is just enough of a hint of red in this to make it work with my skin tone. This is two coats.

The formula on both of these polishes is splendid. Smooth, silky, biddable and easy to work with. Application was a dream and these self leveled very nicely, too. Dry time was good. Even with the not fast dry top coat I use for swatching purposes, these were set to go by the time I had applied and taken the photographs. Call me impressed.

Now, I admit, brown isn't my usual colour of choice, in fact I usually avoid it like the plague but I am trying to be more open minded and learn to appreciate polish colours I otherwise wouldn't wear. I have to say... These are gorgeous. I am kind of liking these and could see myself wearing them. Maybe.

What do you think of these first two polishes? Are you a fan of rich, warm brown and butterscotch? Do you own these? Think that you might like to? Do tell.

Thank you for stopping in and reading. Have a lovely day and may your polish never bubble.