Franken Fun: Mad Housewife Glitters Miniseries

Hello gentle readers.

Today begins a three part miniseries detailing three glitter polishes I recently frankened. I have decided to call them my Mad Housewife Series, as I am a mad housewife.

 This entire thing happened rather by accident: I was pulling polishes for my Fourth of July nails and I realized that I don't possess a clean, bright white glitter polish. Imagine that! When I saw that I am indeed, white glitter free, I thought that I could franken something that would work. I went sifting through my Melmers and a drawer and a hatbox of rejects that included some prior failed franken attempts and started playing mad scientist.

I began by attempting to create a very sparkly white glitter. I mixed Sinful Colors Snow Me White and Sally Hansen X-Treme Wear in Disco Ball. Fail. Duh. The glitter in Disco Ball is iridescent white. Put that in white creme polish and it dies. Okay, so I blew it. But... If I mixed in this okay but not brilliant glitter franken I made a while back and forgot about... It's in a clear base, has big, strong glitters... Yeah, let's try it. Can't hurt. Okay. Looks pretty good but there is way too much. Transfer some to this cleaned out Rimmel bottle that once contained a combo base/top coat (that was some useless shit, lemme tell ya!) and I can make two polishes! Yay! To this one in the Rimmel bottle... Grey. Yes. I want a grey glitter. What grey? China Glaze Concrete Catwalk, my favorite grey.

Shake, shake, shake. Test. Add a little more glitter, a tad more grey. Shake, shake, shake. Yepper. I have something, here. Then, to the other one, more franken glitter in a blue base. Shake, shake, shake. Ooooo! Dusty blue! Yes!!! Mama likes a dusty blue! But that Sinful bottle is causing white streaks in my blue... Need another bottle... Here is a bit of leftover Color Club top coat. Dump that and into the bottle goes my blue franken. Yay! No more streakies. The third was my final attempt at a sparkling white. Some Wet-n-Wild small silvery/holo square glitter that was lurking in my drawer mixed with some white striper polish (no way am I frankening with my OPI or China Glaze whites!) and a little thinner. Hello! This isn't what I had in mind but it reminds me of the Color Club Starry Temptress glitters from last year. It wouldn't work for Fourth of July nails but I think it does work.

So, there is the saga of how I developed these three polishes. Time for photos of the first one. This is of course, Mad Housewife. A dusty blue crelly base with tiny iridescent, tiny square holo silver, silver holo bars and hex sequins in blue and lavender. This is two coats and Gelous to top it. Shot under my OttLight.

Not to toot my own horn here but I think that this is a pretty good polish. It looks okay, it is a decent formula, it applies nicely, the glitters distribute naturally and smoothly and I didn't have any trouble with the formula. It applies without dragging, clotting, running or pooling. It was a tad streaky on coat one but the second solved that. I did nearly no cleanup, I think I picked up my cleanup brush once? The dry time is even pretty decent on this one. Overall, I am pretty pleased. My only complaint; the other polishes diluted the suspension base and the glitter can settle. I have to cap and invert the bottle from time to time to keep it all up where it belongs but it isn't a big dealio.

What do you think of the first polish in my Mad Housewife Trio? Your honest feedback is appreciated.

Thank you so much for popping in and reading this veeeery long post. Why you put up with my wordy nattering, I will never know but please be assured that I love you all for it! Have a great day and may your polish never bubble.