Franken Fun: Mad Housewife Glitters Miniseries... The Conclusion

Hello gentle readers.

Today I have my final franken in my little series of frankened glitter polishes. When I was thinking of naming these polishes, the name for this one was the first one to come to mind and was, in fact the inspiration for the names of all three polishes and for the miniseries.

Those of us who live with someone who shaves (or shaves, themselves ;)) will grok this one, I am sure.

Shaving Cream and Stubble. "Yuk!" I hear you thinking. "Why the hell would anyone name a polish after something so nasty?"

You tell me what can drive a housewife mad faster than walking into her otherwise pristine bathroom and finding her normally shining sink festooned in splats of dried shaving cream speckled with stubble.

Now, you get it. :D

True story: Happened to me. Once. I pitched such a high holy hissy fit, it never happened again. My husband now carefully cleans the sink and polishes the faucet after his morning ablutions. In fact, that man actually keeps his bathroom nice and clean. The only bathroom I ever have to clean is my own. Yes, indeedy. Train them well. And early, kids. A little effort early on pays huge dividends in the long run, my pets.

Enough gloating. On to the polish. Shaving Cream and Stubble was born of my attempt to create a super sparkly white glitter polish for my Fourth of July nails. Didn't happen but I did come up with a polish that reminded me of the Color Club Starry Temptress glitters from last Summer. This franken is a crelly base packed with small silvery holo square glitter. The glitter is buried within, deep, not sparkly, but present. This swatch is three coats and Gelous to top it off. I shot these photographs under my OttLight. I had real focus issues with this one... Don't ask me why. I shot what felt like a million pictures and these were the best of the lot.

I constructed this franken from some Wet-N-Wild small square glitter, some white striper polish and thinner. It's a weird mix, thin, yet creamy, glittery and just... This applies nicely, settles into place without complaint and doesn't run, pool or drag. This is another one that needs to be inverted as I go. If I were seriously into frankening, I wold invest in suspension base, settling glitters kind of irritate me. This polish was a tad streaky on coat one, by coat two it was smooth and even but still a bit too translucent. By the time I got to the third, it was fully opaque. I do wonder if this will dry well. Usually, by the time I finish photographing a polish it is, if not dry-dry it's well on it's way. This one was still pretty wet. I am going to have to test run this with Seche Vite. Probably should have, before I debuted this baby.

But I suck.

So, there it is.

This concludes my miniseries of franken glitters. What do you think? Are you inspired to create your own mixtures? Are you dreaming of dumping a duochrome into a holo? constructing the perfect glitter? Perhaps creating your own perfect teal? A sublime burgundy? A sexy, just for you red? A little hint... Start small. Work on a paper plate or other disposable surface and mix tiny quantities. A brush full here, a droplet, there then test on nail wheels. It is easier and less frustrating than committing to full bottles of stuff which can swiftly waste a lot of otherwise nice polish if you end up creating a dog or six. Not that I would know anything about that. *whistles innocently and looks around*

Thank you ever so much for popping in and reading. Have a great weekend and may your polish never bubble.